More Fox Follies

After the press conference in which Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis shared some of the vote fraud information, it didn’t go over so well on Fox.

They are volunteering to run into a buzz saw. Never seen anything like it.

First, reporter Kristin Fisher attempted to debunk what Rudy said.

Then on Twitter, Matt Couch and others heard Dana Perino urge Dominion to sue Sidney Powell. “Dana Perino is now urging Dominion to sue Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani in the latest edition of “Watch our Ratings Burn”

And the bumbling pseudo political analyst Karl Rove did his part. He wrote an oped urging Trump to concede. He said there is no voter fraud and said, “the president’s efforts are unlikely to move a single state from Mr. Biden’s column, and certainly they’re not enough to change the final outcome.”

Aside from the fact that he hasn’t been right about an election for decades, Rove and Bush certainly fought hard to win Florida in the 2000 recount. Guess his memory’s gone now, too.

The PR people Fox has hired has given them a new slogan: “Standing Up for What’s Right.” Tell me when they do so.

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