Who’s Got the Server?

At the Giuliani/Powell election fraud news conference yesterday, Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson asked, “There were reports that a piece of hardware possibly a server was picked up in Germany. Is that true and is it related to this?”

Attorney Sidney Powell replied, “That is true. It is somehow related to this. But I do not know if good guys got it or bad guys got it.”

They were referring to the Dominion Smartmatic servers with election votes on them. They were reportedly taken in a raid that Louie Gohmert said was done by our people. If true, that would give President Trump plenty of evidence of vote tampering. It would be a game changer.

Intelligence analyst Thomas Wictor also mentioned in his podcast yesterday (All Is Well it is called) that we would know the information was being stored somewhere and we have the capability of finding it.

It would not be in Powell’s interest to tell our enemies that the Trump team has it.
Lou Dobbs interviewed her last night and pressed her on this:

Lou Dobbs: There have been great controversy as you know about the reports on a raid on a company SCYTL in Germany which held election data presumably… Can you tell what actually did happen there and what you do know?

Sidney Powell: Well I know that is one of the server centers. There is also one in Barcelona. So it is related to the entire Smartmatic-Dominion operation. We do not know whether the good guys got the servers or whether the bad guys go them. Being on the outside of the government we simply don’t know. I’m hoping it’s the good guys and if they have that then there should be scads of evidence of frankly an international criminal conspiracy of the worst sort.

Lou Dobbs: And the presumption then is that they had the records on those servers of all of the votes that were processed by Dominion or Smartmatic.

Sidney Powell: Yes, the way it works is either the votes can be changed on the ground as they come in. People can watch the votes stream in live. For example there was a Dominion employee, high up, at the Detroit Center on the night of the election. He could have watched the votes come in live and manipulated them in that process. It could have run an automatic algorithm against all the votes which we believe is what happened originally and then the machines had to stop and the count had to stop in multiple places because President Trump’s lead was so great at that point that they had to stop the vote counting and come in and backfill the votes they needed to change the results.

Here are some other points to consider brought up in various posts. Although this is all unverified, people have great insight worth a look:

Brian Tascher, part of Trump’s recount committee, told Newsmax that they had seized the Dominion servers in Germany, and the evidence they are finding
will shake the globalists to the core. Apparently, the good guys have the servers.


I noticed Gina wasn’t invited to Trump’s raiding party !!!

This is precisely why the CIA was cut out of the loop in this raid and SOS Pompeo played a big part in this. So it was probably ordered by Our Commander with true military patriots carrying out his command. Even if Sidney Powell knows the good guys have the server she would never display her hand.

Trump removed Esper (Secretary of Defense), he replaced him with a patriot who ordered the SF to bypass the alphabet agencies and report directly to him….. shades of Sun Tzu

New Sec. of Defense – Christopher Miller…and Ezra Cohen Watnick reports directly to him and in essence swore loyalty to him. The White Hats now control our civilian special ops! No more black hat BS!

Esper would have leaked the plan to Merkel.

Chris Miller replaced that seditious POS and his 2nd (another seditious POS) was replaced by Kash Patel. Kash was assistant to Devin Nunes and is well read in on the coup attempt by our Justus system, political elites, and our National intelligence agencies.

As more details surface, the more likely we will finally see some measure of reckoning and accountability that have been lacking for decades. I have hope.

Remember Pompeo said the President will be serving his 2nd term and sworn in on January 20th.

For a reason….

When Mark Esper was fired, that was a significant event, largely overlooked by our media. Patel and Cohen Watnick are good guys who know the swamp. CIA chief Gina Haspel is part of the swamp – part that was in London buttressing the Steele and British spy agencies gather stuff on Trump. It should also be noted that President Trump just made a Special Ops department responsible to him. So all of the above comments have merit.

We shall see…

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