Trump Dumps Fox for Newsmax

If you aren’t watching Newsmax you are missing important interviews. President Trump has obviously decided he will not go on Fox nor will his people. Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell canceled their scheduled appearances on Judge Jeanine last night. It was probably at the instructions of President Trump.

Who can blame him? I doubt he will ever go on there again, except maybe to Hannity. Trump is guiding his followers away from them and increasingly to Newsmax.

Last night Powell gave this interview on Newsmax. Unfortunately one of the interviewers (on the right side of the screen) is Mark Halperin, reporter for Time and author of the book “How to Beat Trump.” The other is Rob Schmitt, a former Fox News anchor/reporter.

In the interview Powell says some shocking things. A head of Dominion went to Detroit himself on election night; kickback money was Dominion’s “election insurance”; she’s going to “blow up” Georgia, in particular Gov. Kemp and the secretary of state; why the vote stopped on election night. Watch:

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