Don’t Worry About Sidney

When I saw this statement last night:

I immediately realized that it would cause consternation among our ranks. But personally, I felt there was reason behind it. In no way did I think Team Trump threw Sidney under the bus. It just didn’t make sense.

Now it appears that Sidney is just as much a part of the team as ever. General Flynn’s son let us in on some of it in his tweets.

Then he clarified:

Not only did it have to do with money (Powell has her own money source, but perhaps with leadership.

Since Donald Trump is the head of the Republican party, it might damage him to have his team go after Republicans. I’m talking about you Gov. Brian Kemp. Not that Trump doesn’t want to go after the traitorous RINOs we have – as he has proved verbally in the past – but in his position it doesn’t look good. He can deal with these people who are so quick to abandon him at a later date.

Before people get all “wee wee’d up” as Obama so elegantly put it, maybe those on our sides should give it at least 24 hours. With Trump we’re talking about someone who never misses a trick. He sees it all and he has a strategy. Tweeting couch potato critics don’t need to jump on him or panic immediately.

There is a lot more to come, so get ready and hold on tight. We’ve been on this rollercoaster – Russia, Russia, Russia; Ukraine calls; the 2018 elections; impeachment; women coming out of the woodwork – this too can be overcome.

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