In the Dog House

President Obama giving a high five to Michael Vick is puzzling.

The football player who plead guilty to personally electrocuting, drowning, slamming to the ground puppies served his sentence. He says his dog fighting days are over, but it is hard to believe that someone that sadistic could change on a dime.

Vick  used rape stands for his dogs. Vick used puppies as bait dogs to introduce the mature dogs to killing. Yes, Vick lost a lot of money after his trial. But now hired by the Philadelphia Eagles, he is back in the millionaires league.

Has he seen the light? Maybe. Redemption is always possible. Time will be the best indicator. All we know now is that Vick appears to have shrugged off his misdeeds.

But how does President Obama know that Vick is contrite?  Why would he go to the trouble to commend the Eagles for hiring  Vick? What is disturbing is President Obama once again playing God. Because Obama says so, Vick can now be embraced by the public. Somehow he can gauge our souls better than we can ourselves.

It’s a pattern the president displays often. He says his health care reform is right. He says his financial policies are correct, even in the face of  economic malaise. He says our carbon footprint is too big, even without any scientific proof.  We’re supposed to take everything he says on faith, not fact, even to what’s in a man’s soul.

Sorry, Obama, your hubris is showing once again.

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