Hey Tucker, Lookee Here

Fox News host Tucker Carlson famously derided Sidney Powell on his show, saying he had contacted her, asked for evidence of voter fraud and she never gave him any.

Maybe Tuck should have waited a few days because Sidney Powell dropped plenty of evidence in her 104 page complaint she filed yesterday in Georgia.

She found monstrous incidents of voter fraud. Andrea Widburg at American Thinker boils it down to this:

– Dominion and Smartmatic were created to help Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. She has whistleblower testimony about how they were designed to rig elections for him.

– They were also made to be connected to the internet (which is banned) to manipulate votes without anyone being there.

– In Georgia Gov. Kemp and Sec of State Raffensberger hastily bought the system without looking into possible flaws. Raffensberger illegally entered into a settlement agreement with various Georgia Democrat organization by which he agreed to ignore the state’s strong, specific statutory voting safeguards for absentee ballots. This opened the door to massive fraud, as well as violating recount safeguards.

– With Raffensberger’s guidance, election officials and poll workers refused to observe statutory safeguards. Among other things, numerous eyewitnesses testified that they didn’t verify signatures, check security envelopes, or allow challengers to observe the count.

– They also allegedly destroyed documentary evidence that the law required them to retain in connection with mail-in voting.

– The complaint also offers voluminous eyewitness and expert testimony about the Dominion System’s vulnerability to fraud.
– Georgia’s election workers stated a lie about a massive leak at the State Farm Arena that required them to shut down the count. In fact, after the arena was closed, there’s eyewitness testimony several election workers spent approximately three unsupervised hours working at the computers.

– The pervasive pattern of fraud is so overwhelming it precludes the “mistake” defense. This pattern is shown through expert reports and statistical analyses proving hundreds of thousands of votes for Trump were either lost or transferred to Biden. Republican candidates in Georgia’s 6th and 7th districts were also affected.

– China and Iran spied on the election (and possibly manipulated it).

– Trump-hating Eric Coomer helped develop Dominion.

– Almost 100,000 absentee ballots in Georgia were recorded as requested and were included in the vote count – except that there’s no record they were ever returned to county election boards.
– Agents of China and Iran accessed the computers.

Is that Kraken enough for you, Tucker?

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