The Kraken Is a Military Division

That’s what Lt. General Thomas McInerney says on this WVW Broadcast Network hosted by Brannon Howse. McInerney says that Sidney Powell was referencing the 305th Military Intelligence battalion based out of Arizona.

McInerney is a military analyst and was with Fox News for 16 years. He is a highly respected man. He says that our intelligence is now being used against us and that they flipped Fox News.

At about 42 minutes in, he talks about the Kraken and how they are working with President Trump. “Sidney got the term Kraken because that’s the nickname of the 305 military intelligence battalion. And that has been their source along with other sources that Mary (Fanning) and I know about but we don’t we want to talk about and we are getting the different sources that are relaying this.

“But the important thing is they identify China, Iran and Russia as being involved in this and manipulating the votes. In addition, the U.S. special forces command seized a server in Frankfurt, Germany, because they were sending this data from those five states or six states through the internet to Spain, and into Frankfurt, Germany. Special operations forces seized those facilities. So they have those servers. They know all the date they were providing.”

When asked if the operation went down without incident, McInerney says, “No. I haven’t been able to verify that, it’s just coming out but I understand my initial report is there were US soldiers killed in that operation.”

But, he thinks that was a CIA operation “which is worrisome.” He also says which politicians were in on it. And he calls it treason.

Listen to the rest here after the first interview with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn after his pardon:

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