Kentucky Election in Doubt

In the Arizona hearings this morning, someone brought up the Kentucky gubernatorial election in 2019. If you recall, that was between Republican Matt Bevin, the incumbent, and Democrat Andy Beshear.

At the time it was considered a bell weather election for the 2020 race. President Trump went to Kentucky and had a big rally for Bevin. When Bevin lost, pundits declared that was a sign that Trump would lose. They said Bevin was unpopular and too tight with the budget.

Vox crowed: “It’s a major loss for Republicans in a state where they hold supermajorities in both chambers of the state legislature, both US Senate seats, and five out of the state’s six House seats. Bevin pulled out all the stops to clinch a win; President Donald Trump rallied in Lexington, Kentucky, Monday night ahead of the election to turn out voters. But even that last-ditch effort wasn’t enough — a sign that Trump’s influence isn’t omnipotent.”

Liberals were ecstatic.

According to Wikipedia,Bevin lost by ” 5,000 votes, or 0.37%, making this the closest gubernatorial election in Kentucky since 1899 by total votes, and the closest by percentage.”

We now have 2020 vision. Chances are it was a manipulated vote count.

How many others have been lost like this?

I also have doubts about the Utah Senate race. In the primary, Romney actually lost to Mike Kennedy. Kennedy got 50.18% of the vote to Romney’s 49.12%. Somehow in the runoff, Romney managed to take the race.

Romney seems to have lots of connections to big firms like Smartmatic/Dominion. Did he really win the primary?

There are lots more races than bear examination.

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