Tea’d Up

It was rather shocking to see Mark Skoda’s picture on the front page of The Commercial Appeal this morning.

Don’t get me wrong; he deserves to be there. The Tea Party leader has gotten national attention, but is often overlooked by our local media.

 But a conservative is out of sync with the CA’s political slant. Not to worry. They get their digs in.

The subhead reads “Skoda brings city back to revolutionary roots.” What revolutionary roots? Memphis had no role in the American Revolution. The reporter stretches this analogy by comparing Skoda to Andrew Jackson (he resided near Nashville, I believe, not here). He  begins the analogy by noting that Jackson was an orphan (Skoda wasn’t); Jackson was a senator (Skoda wasn’t); a state Supreme court justice (ditto); and a commander of Tennessee’s militia (wrong there, too). So what do they have in common?

Actually, Jackson is not revered by conservatives. On that point they are dissimilar, too. Jackson was more or less a democrat and that party has its yearly Jefferson-Jackson dinners. Again, Skoda is not in that camp.

So with that false analogy, author Richard Morgon goes on to get his digs in.

“Picture a Goodfella with Thomas Friedman’s moustache, delivering Aaron Sorkin’s monologues,” Morgan writes. I’m not sure anyone would appreciate being called a Mafioso, but then the reporter goes on to frame Skoda in terms of liberal icons, Friedman and Sorkin. Strange.

“He personally anointed Charlotte Bergmann, owner of a local marketing firm, to oust Steve Cohen from Congress (Cohen won in a landslide).”  There’s an air of snottiness in that observation that wants to undercut the Tea Party and suggest Skoda doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Morgan continues: “To detractors, he’s a dangerous instigator on the order of Jefferson Davis.” Does he really need to insert Civil War racism in his description of Skoda?

“But who is he? Where did he come from? And why here?” the story asks. Funny, I’ve wondered why they didn’t ask that about Barack Obama.

Morgan isn’t finished. “As the tea party draws patriots out of the woodwork, what does that do to the woodwork?”  When someone talks about out of the woodwork, it usually means pests. Is that what the tea party is to the reporter?

The piece ends with a description of the rabble attending Jackson’s inauguration. “Filthy huddled masses flooded the presidential mansion. They ravaged the floors, furniture, artwork and dinnerware, only subsiding when they were lured outside by tubs full of liquor. The revolution was complete.”

Have Tea Party members ravaged Congress? Is that what they want? I don’t think so.

The Tea Party members seem unusually full of integrity. They aren’t out for themselves at all. They just want,  and Mark Skoda just wants, to return to the country we are meant to be.

Sad that the story couldn’t be told impartially.

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