CEO: Election Was Rigged

Patrick Byrne came on the radar in 2019 when the former CEO claimed that the FBI asked him the summer of 2016 to pursue a relationship with Russian spy Maria Butina.

She was the one who supposedly tried to lure Donald Trump Jr. into some Russian child adoption scheme. Jr. denied the charge and no one believed her.

Byrne continued to insist that he was used by the Deep State – a claim that doesn’t at all seem unlikely.

Byrne has now said that this summer he assembled a team of cyber experts to investigate just how the 2020 election might be stolen. They employed the Chinese technique of reverse engineering and he believes they came up with the exact scheme the Democrats used to steal the election.

Byrne lays out what he found in his website, He believes the election was rigged. His team has assembled many graphs and charts to make his points.

Although he has attempted to get the information to the mainstream media, Byrne says – not surprisingly – he has met with a brick wall.
He writes, “The Cone of Silence is nearly absolute these days. Journalists who have spoken to me for years, and who have been haranguing me to give them the rest of the story when I am ready to come forward, have (now that they understand it) crawled under their covers in fear of handling it. They have confirmed numerous parts of it, spoken to others involved… and still refuse to run it out of fear of angering the Powers That Be (or those that are soon to be). When the whole story is out and confirmed, I look forward to writing a piece naming them and shaming their weepiness.”

Newsmax did want to hear what he had to say and he explains:

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