It’s Not Over

Every day brings more information about what a fraud the election was. Yesterday was awash with evidence. People from Michigan to Virginia spoke up. Truck drivers told of driving Gaylord boxes full of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania; witnesses described boxes appearing in late night ballot dumps unmonitored by Republican poll watchers.

Today, there is a press conference scheduled in Georgia at 1 p.m. Central time and another with Giuliani at 5 p.m. Central time.
Hint: AG Barr, you might want to watch some of these since you don’t believe there is any evidence. I’m not sure he’d understand if a pyroclastic lava flow was six feet away and speeding towards him.

The expression that it’s always darkest before dawn never applied to anything as well as the time we’re in now. If you’ll recall, the Bush campaign suffered defeats before it finally got to the Supreme Court. All the action usually happens right before the finish. The Trump people do not want to show their full hand and allow Biden’s lawyers to subvert the truth and strategize.

Still time for victory. Just pray.

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