Wood and Sidney Get Kraken’

A high energy, excited crowd greeted Linn Wood and Sidney Powell as they held a press conference in Georgia this afternoon.

Wood told the people “we’re going to send a message to the state capitol in the golden dome of Georgia, to the tin roof of the governor’s mansion in Georgia. The message is this: It’s 1776 again and you’re not going to take our freedom. We’ll make it heard all the way to Beijing China. You picked a fight with the wrong people.”

“Joe Biden will never set foot in the Oval office of the White House. Never going to happen on our watch.”
He was greeted with people chanting USA! USA!

Wood had a message: “Get out of our country George Soros. We’re not going to vote on your damn machines made in China.”
He then told the crowd to “go to the governor’s mansion, encircle it and honk horns until Kemp comes out and calls a special session of the legislature. Then he can resign. Then we can lock him up.

“A few others need to go with him,” Wood said. He also told the audience “stop reading the media. It’s a lie. Stick with OAN and Newsmax. They tell you the truth. Read the Epoch Times they tell you the truth. This is the battle between good and evil, truth and lies.”

Powell took the stage and explained, “There was and is massive fraud. It’s in the DNA of every voting system. There was an algorithm used all across the country to flip votes from Mr. Biden to President Trump. Ballots were injected at a rate of 90% for Biden; 10% for Trump. We all know that defies reality.

“Lots of people got cheated; even local races, congressional seats, Senate seats. There should not be a runoff, certainly not on Dominion machines.
I would make it known to all Georgians that you should not vote until you know your vote is secure. We must have voter ID; go back to paper ballots that are signed and have your thumbprint on them; they should be able to find a system that can count them, even if it has to be done by hand.”

Powell said she wants to know what role our 3 letter agencies had in the creation and distribution of the voting system.

“I knew the swamp was really bad, but it’s at least 20% worse than I thought it was. We have traced a lot of the money back to china. White hat hackers saw doors open in China, Hong Kong, Serbia. We will give all of our evidence to the DOJ as soon as we get it pulled together. I do have concerns about how that will be handled. We need a lot of indictments and fast.”
She said she has proof that votes were bought with checks from an office in K street. We know that there were planes full of ballots brought in and ballots from Mexico.

“There was no kind of voter fraud that hasn’t been experienced throughout the country. Georgia was absolutely full of it.”
Powell and Wood both asked everyone to flood the legislature, governor and secretary of state with phone calls and letters and also to the DOJ.

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