Personal Accounts of Detroit Fraud

In this video, two workers in Michigan describe what happened on election night and the early morning of Nov. 4. They were so outraged they braved a blizzard in Lansing Wednesday to give testimony to the legislature.

“Nothing prepared me for what I saw,” one of them said about election night.

What they describe is a hostile atmosphere, intimidation, sexual and racial harassment and just about every kind of fraud imaginable. They have had their lives threatened, their jobs imperiled and one had sugar poured in her gas tank, ruining her car.

This is one of the best personal accounts yet given.

Church Militant is a Catholic website, but aside from a prayer, host Michael Voris’ interview is all about the politics. He has a unique perspective since they are based in Detroit, one of the epicenters of fraud, and he was an Emmy winning reporter before founding the network.

Voris has a nightly show at 5:30 Central updating on the election aftermath and status of cases regarding the fraud.

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