Bongino Shares Calls With Trump

Dan Bongino told an interesting story yesterday on his YouTube broadcast.

He was explaining the caliber of man President Trump is and contrasted Trump’s response vs. Bush 43. While Bongino was in the Secret Service, one of his tasks was to accompany one of the Bush daughters to Africa. While he was there with her, he got a mosquito bite and came down with Dengue fever.
It resulted in fever, headaches, vomiting, muscle aches and pains. He said he was severely ill for three weeks and that it earned its name “bone crusher.”

While he was ill and after, no one from the Bush administration called to see how he was doing. Not even the lowest level personnel. Bongino said he never gave it much thought and then he had his neck tumor and was facing surgery.

Ten minutes before the surgery he received a phone call from President Trump. Bongino related that it was 10 a.m. – a time when most officials would be more concerned with domestic and international affairs. Trump didn’t brush him off, Bongino said. He spoke with him as long as it took and offered whatever help he could provide for Bongino and his family.

That’s when it struck Bongino how different a man Trump is.

Bongino also shared that after the first debate, which many said went badly for Trump, he had been on Fox defending the president’s strategy. He told how it was late at night and he turned off his phone temporarily after the Fox appearance. Bongino saw that he had received a call – facetime call – and it was from President Trump.

He immediately called the president back. Trump thanked him for his insightful words.

Bongino appreciated the call. As he said, everyone was tired because it was late. Yet the president still found time to contact him.

President Trump is a new kind of president all right. The kind we need to have occupying the White House.

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