Winning Is Easy When You Cheat

We all know that is exactly how Joe Biden “won” the presidency. He himself said it:

In 2020, Democrats created “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Can’t argue with that.

They did have a machine. They cheated in every way possible: with computer algorithms, ballots made in China and faked up, ballots made and delivered from other states, dead people voting, counting ballots after the deadline, dragging suitcases of fake ballots out from under tables once the Republicans had gone. They even fed the same ballots through multiple times – as long as they were for Biden.

You name it, they did it. Even old time Chicago gangster politicians would be astonished at their ingenuity and daring.

With the media completing the message that Biden had won, they sealed their deal.

Our side won, by the way, but we don’t cheat. We don’t plot and plan as they do. We expect a fair playing field. The other side knows this and takes advantage of it. That helped, too.

Now they’ve moved on to the next phase. Intimidation. Maybe even blackmail. How else do you explain last night’s completely bogus SCOTUS decision? I’ve long felt that the Dems had something on John Roberts. Maybe he was an attendee of Jeffrey Epstein’s orgy island. Maybe he adopted his children illegally. Maybe they have a tape of him during an epileptic fit since he suffers from that disease. Maybe all of the above. Who knows? But it has been working effectively since 2009. He votes however they want him to.

Having seen the damage Antifa and BLM can do, perhaps Kavanaugh and Gorsuch don’t want these people showing up at their homes with torches or harassing their families. The harassment done to Kavanaugh during confirmation hearings probably scarred him and he doesn’t want to repeat it.

As for ACB, it’s quite possible that she is thinking of that, too, and of her career. Maybe she doesn’t want to be seen as a Trump puppet and this was her way of announcing to the judiciary and Dems – hey, guys, I’m really independent; srsly LOL!

All profiles in cowardice. Their cushy lives or the lives of 320 million Americans? Easy choice, I guess.

Let’s not forget China’s role, too. It used to be considered seriously whacko to see conspiracies. Now whacko just seems naive. The Chinese and the Dems had the same goal: power. The Chinese are looking for it long term; the Dems don’t care as long as they get enough for their future wealth. The Covid 19 unleashing gave them the opportunity and did they run with it! Hard to believe there wasn’t some coordination.

Instead of Joe and Kamala as Time’s “man” of the year, it should have gone to Hunter Biden. He is the new America. His is the Faustian bargain made by so many younger people and people in power. I get money and wealth to blow on blow and blow jobs; the Chinese get control of the nation. As long as I get mine.

A republic, if you can keep it.

We couldn’t.

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