Supreme Court Supremely Bought

Friday’s Supreme Court decision not to look at the Texas lawsuit regarding election laws broken in four states, showed their true colors.

Seven of them showed they care about themselves more than justice. Maybe they should take that title away from them and just knock them down to judge. They are no different from any other manipulable judge in the country. Only Alito and Thomas are worthy of the title justice.

In a court that is supposed to take on the heavy issues, this one aborted. The question is why? There are probably many answers.

The remaining Democrats on the court are, well, Democrats. Democrats always stick together. They support their party with all the fervor of the Nazi youth. Whatever they party wants, they do. That’s why so many missed RGB; she was a good apparatchik. She ruled however they told her.
As for Roberts, he is probably compromised. He survives only by doing what they tell him. He hopes he can get by as Chief Justice, settling for a reputation as an unimpressive CJ but holding on to his status until he dies.

That side is easy. But what of the conservative/Republicans?

One explanation is a look at what happened last night in DC. A Christian group of Trump supporters were attacked by Antifa. You don’t think that was a message to elected leaders and the justices? Of course it was. The message was sent out all summer long, culminating in the attack on attendees of the Republican National convention returning from the White House. Kavanaugh, ACB and Gorsuch don’t want people with torches arriving at their front door. If they come to your door, well that’s not their problem.

They could have easily listened to the case and ruled to send it back to the state legislatures. That would have required more courage and testosterone than any of them has.

While I’ve heard others like Mark Levin argue that in this ruling the court slit its own throat by ensuring a Biden administration would pack the court and therefore water down their power, political analyst Dick Morris has another thought.

“The Supreme Court is after justice, of course, but primarily they are after making sure the Supreme Court survives – that’s their institution and that’s their duty,” Morris told Saturday’s “The Count.” “I believe the Supreme Court was sent a message by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party during the election.

“And the message was: ‘If you overturn this election, we will pack you, and make your Court basically meaningless.’”

“And just ask yourself: Who raised the issue of Court packing? We didn’t. Why would the Democrats raise an issue that was hurting them? We would never bring it up; we never thought of packing the Court. They did.”

Morris concluded, “it was a systemic effort, that succeeded, to intimidate the U.S. Supreme Court.”

That reasoning has a lot of logic behind it.

Ed Timperlake at Americanthinker blog calls Friday’s decision Dred Scott II. He compared it to the horrible decision in 1857 that led to the Civil War. It “symbolically threw gasoline on the evolving legal and legislative fire in the run-up to the Civil War,” he writes.

You only have to look at the violence breaking out in the streets of DC to wonder if it will spread to your city, as it did this summer.

No decision is a decision, as they say. The SC just made a tragic one.

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