Trump Is Not Finished

At this point, post election, there are many reasons to be pessimistic about the outcome. Even though the election was stolen, no one in authority seems to care.

Yet, there are many people, supposedly in the know, who insist that it will be Donald J. Trump putting his hand on the Bible to be sworn in January 20, 2021.

One of those is General Mike Flynn. He told Maria Bartiromo this morning on her show that “there’s a whole number of paths that the president has…on a scale of 1 to 10 ask me who’ll be the next president I’ll say 10 Donald Trump.”

Here’s the interview:

You can dismiss that as wishful thinking, but then again Gen. Flynn was in the intelligence business. He has to know more than we do. Then you have to ask why he was pardoned after the election. Was it because he could be useful in proving foreign interference in the election? After all, he was the National Security Advisor. He knew where all the Obama “bodies” were and that was a primary reason the Deep State was out to get him and remove him from power.

You can bet he still knows a lot about the “bodies” and the setup of our national security institutions.

Secondly, many people are saying that Trump’s ultimate weapon was never going to be the courts. Trump doesn’t strike me as the kind of person to put his future in the hands of unknown entities who could swing in the wind of public opinion. He knows how unreliable judges are. So I don’t think the Supreme Court loss Friday was a.) a surprise or b.) part of his plan to secure the presidency.


More on target is the executive order he made in September 2018. It authorizes U.S. sanctions on any foreign individual or country that tries to interfere in U.S. elections. Was this move wise or strategic? It certainly wasn’t coincidence. He can use it to mold and shape as he likes.


Then you see tweets like this from someone very close to the Trump White House:



Flag of United States

Tomorrow is Sunday and I’m going to go out with my kids and we’re going to have a good day. I might even play poker with a couple of my Veteran neighbors tomorrow night because I know that Donald Trump is going to be inaugurated on January 20th and I’m not worried.
Other analysts are also signaling that something is up; something that may have to do with the release of pure evidence that is undeniable and indisputable.
Yesterday John Ratcliffe accompanied the President to the Army Navy game.  He just happens to be the Director of National Intelligence. Do you think it was coincidence that he was with the President? Could they be discussing the release of information? Gen. Flynn appears to think, according to the above interview, that things will come out by the end of the week.
Stranger things have happened.
Among the strange, for what it’s worth, modern day Christian prophets have all come out and said Trump will definitely  get a second term. I’ve heard five or six who insist on it. At the very least, they are putting their livelihoods on the line in sticking with this prediction.
But in the end, it boils down to Donald Trump. Is he the kind of man who depends on others to shape his future? Is he the kind of person who would not anticipate his enemies’ attacks? He has certainly gotten a crash course on their tactics in the last four years.
No, he is a strategic thinker who would not let events overwhelm him.
We shall see if they do.
Gauging from the size of the crowds in DC yesterday in support of him, many others are believing he will persevere.

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