Where Is Doug Collins?

The Georgia Congressman who lost his bid for the Senate was tapped to lead the President’s recount team in that state. That was shortly after the election.

The fast talking Collins was on TV as much as he could during his tenure in DC. He defended the president in all the hoaxes. He was very vocal. He popped up on Fox News shows regularly. Collins seemed sincere. Looked like he had a good shot in the primary as well.

When he lost, Collins seemed like a good pick to handle the recount.

Where is he now?

We’ve heard more from Linn Wood and Sidney Powell on the Georgia situation than Collins. He has vanished into the woodwork.

That state is in chaos. Neither the governor nor the Secretary of State nor many in the legislature seem to care about what happens to the vote in the least. Has Collins joined them?

When I google Collins I get only stories about his being selected for the recount team. Nothing since.

What happened? Where is he? Has he been threatened? Are all our elected officials except Trump disappointments?

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