The Immaculate Deception

There is a lot of buzz today after the release of Trump advisor Peter Navarro’s report on election fraud.

It’s called “The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities.” You can read the whole thing here:

Navarro’s key points are
1. the weight of evidence and irregularities make it irresponsible for the media to claim there is no evidence of fraud.
2. The irregularities if taken out would swing the election to President Trump.
3. All the battle ground states have irregularities, but in different ways.
4. It was loss by a thousand cuts – that is in little ways that would not produce silver bullet proof.
5. The media not reporting this is a dangerous game to our republic.
6. Their whitewash puts at risk what will happen on inauguration day if we put forward someone who has won illegally.
7. Besides the media, governors and legislators are failing in their Constitutional duties regarding their constituents.
8. If unexamined, we’re at risk of never having a fair election again.

It’s a well put together package, complete with graphs and examples. Navarro said he spent a long time reading affidavits, looking at lawsuits and rulings plus photos and press coverage.

Check it out. It was reported today that 46% of Americans think there was fraud in the election. Just 45% do not. The tide is turning.

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