Fox’s Bizarre Smartmatic Interview

Although I do not watch Fox News anymore, I look at Twitter. Yesterday Maria Bartiromo posted an excerpt from her show Sunday Morning Futures there. It was an interview with Smartmatic’s Eddie Perez.
Perez was described as one of the “leading authorities on open-source software for elections” and “the global director of tech development at Open Source Technology Institute… we asked him for his assessment of Smartmatic and recent claims about the company.”
It was obviously a pre-taped interview. Bartiromo was not asking the questions. A male voice over put softball questions to Perez. His face was the only one on the screen and the questions appeared at the bottom of the screen.
It looked like something out of state run media.

Then as it turns out, Bartiromo wasn’t the only Fox News host forced to run this piece. So were Lou Dobbs and Jeanine Pirro. Here’s Lou Dobbs:

Viewers were not happy with this segment. They objected on Twitter, calling Bartiromo a sell out.

So why did she and they do this?

It appears that last week Smartmatic sent Fox News a legal document accusing the network of a disinformation campaign. Boy did Fox fold quickly.

The Murdoch brothers would rather have less money coming in to the network and fall behind the ratings of CNN and MSNBC than be seen as right leaning.
They may get their wish, all the way down to the basement floor of ratings.

YouTube – for now – has better shows. Better interviews. Better hosts. Better questions. Better formats. So does Newsmax. You can get much better coverage of politics from YouTube with Steve Bannon’s War Room; Dan Bongino; Right Side Broadcasting; America First with Sebastian Gorka; American Thought Leaders; Bill Whittle; Blaze TV; Crossroads with Joshua Philip; Full Measure with Sheryl Atkinson; Mr. Reagan; Real America’s Voice; and more.

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