Although they may have their own thoughts on the matter, I have some resolutions certain people and groups should consider implementing in 2011.

First, to Governor elect Bill Haslam. Glad you won, but solidify your win by giving the state a backbone. Join the other states in their fight against Obamacare. Stop the loss of states rights to federal ones at every opportunity. Otherwise, there won’t be a need for any governors. We’re a red state, too, so the administration will never help you.

Ditto Congress. Throw a roadblock at Obama at every opportunity. Put a stop  to 2,000 page bills, end runs around your legislation and stealth appointments. Congressman Darryl Issa, as chair of the House Committee on Investigations and Government Oversight,  look into all the dubious goings on at the Justice Department, the Health Care bill lobbying, the deals with Joe Sestak – everything.  Subpoena people and do not get duped by Obama. And John Boehner, if Obama invites you for a round of golf, don’t do it. Obama will try to snooker you, just as Clinton did to Newt.

Talk radio hosts get off your soapbox. Stop trying to influence primaries and let the people choose their candidates. Christine O’Donnell was a disaster and you ensured that. If I hear one more say primly, “I’m not a Republican, I’m a conservative,” I will click off. What world do you live in, because there is us and there is Obama and we are infinitely better than the Democrats.

New Yorkers: Demand new towers be built where the Trade Center towers stood. How can you look at that big hole in your skyline and not cry out to have it fixed? Almost ten years have passed and still nothing. For God’s sake, don’t let Khalid Sheikh Mohammed be tried in your city or a mosque to be built at Ground Zero. Get a pair! While I’m at it, how about telling Nanny Bloomberg where he can stick his salt shaker/sugar/fat obsession. If eating the wrong things makes you like Chris Christie, get to a MacDonald’s fast.

Political reporters: Stop dissing the Tea Party. They’re here and they’re not going away. Stop looking for a schism with the GOP in every newscast. For now, we agree with them.

Bill Clinton, stop and take the knife out of your back. At every opportunity Obama gives you the finger just as he slyly did Hillary on the campaign trail. Now he wants you to stop campaigning in Chicago. You run when he needs your help, but he’ll start the racist thing behind your back like he did in South Carolina. He seems to have succeeded in turning black America against you.

Andrew Breitbart: Never give up! You’re making great progress. Keep plugging away, it’s working.

Shelby GOP: Let’s ramp it up, especially on the technical side. Each club should have a good and active website, along with a vibrant ShelbyGOP one. In this year between elections, we need to utilize technology to the fullest, including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. It’s almost free! No great expenditures needed. Even tech resistant people like me can learn. It would give candidates the extra help they need in getting their messages out.

Memphians who are GOP leaning: Join the ShelbyGOP. The number of paying members is shockingly low. If more people just joined, it would give the group more clout in  city government. $25 is not too much for anyone to pay. How much does that work out to a day? When you look around and ask where the good candidates are, do you think they can be promoted for free?

To my gay friends: Do you think you are free of prejudice? How many of you are much more critical of Republicans than we are of you? Do you categorize us as discriminatory before you even engage in conversation with us? In a war with Islamofascists, don’t count on the Democrats to defend you; but freedom loving people will.

Young people: Forget Jon Stewart. He’s not a news source. He’s feeding you what he wants to, serving it up with humor to make it go down better. Start looking around yourselves and dig a little deeper than the Comedy Channel and MSNBC.  In the end, the joke will be on you when you’re the wealth source for the nanny state.

Here’s to a better 2011 and more Republican victories.

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