A Country of Bilbars

The National Pulse, a very good conservative website you should be reading, has an article by Thomas J. Farnon entitled, “The Banality of Bill Barr.”

Banal is putting it nicely. In it he lambastes Barr and if you had any thoughts that Barr was a fair champion of truth, justice and the American way, he puts that idea to death with a baseball bat.

He condemns Barr as an insider who prefers prestige to principle. “As Trump’s Attorney General, Barr served the same cadre of Washington insiders as he did the first time, many of whom were still there because the game works so flawlessly.”

Can anyone argue with that?

So flawlessly that Barr ignored the Hunter Biden laptop contents. He rallied to defend the Deep State and even though they were investigating it, put a lid on it.
For all his talk about presidential rights and the overreach of the Russia hoax, the man sat by and let the Durham report run two plus years. Why would you do that except if you wanted to protect your own hide and that of your Deep State brethren?

Can you imagine Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder waiting more than ten minutes to indict? No.

And did you know that Barr was a CIA analyst? He was one from 1973-77. As one, he still had “the agency” in his brain. He refused to see that they had any role in the Russia hoax. Barr said he didn’t “see any sign of improper CIA activity” and that “The CIA stayed in its lane.”

As Cliff Kincaid writes, “The CIA did not stay in its lane. The driver was drunk and the agency swerved all over the road in an attempt to take out Trump.”

Maybe that’s why he didn’t fight very hard to stop the Flynn prosecution after Judge Sullivan dithered on ending it.

Punishing anyone involved in the Russia hoax? They got a low level FBI agent who probably won’t serve six months. Way to go, Barr!

Barr talked a good deal about mail in vote fraud before the election, but did he do anything about it? No. He even refuted that there was fraud on November 3. Farnon points out that, “Maybe an investigation of Silicon Valley billionaires ballot harvesting in black neighborhoods, for starters, and then a warrant for surveillance cameras at counting facilities in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Detroit, with federal agents on hand to double check the chain of custody of boxes coming through the back door” was an easy call.

Farnon even creates a new word – bilbars. That is, people like him who prefer prestige to principle. He gives as an example Republican legislators in swing states who let mail in fraud be enacted rather than stand up for what’s right.

We’re now in a position where 98% of Washington is bilbar. Can a republic survive like that?

Barr had an opportunity, as Trump said, to go down in history as a champion or as a coward. He chose the latter. What a shame.

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