Some Maxims to Ponder

At American Manifesto Chris Chantrill offers some Benjamin Franklin types adages that are particularly insightful in today’s U.S. He calls it “Yearnings for a Better America.”

I particularly agree with 8-12. Also the terms in the “Great Reaction.” Lots of ideas in small sentences.

Government is force.

Government is an armed minority, occupying territory, and taxing the inhabitants thereof to reward its supporters.

All government is unjust, because government leaders reward their supporters before the rest of the people.

The only warrant for government power is an existential peril.

There is nothing more annoying to a politician than the lack of a crisis.

What people want from government and political leaders is protection.

Politics is the art of division.

Politics is the royal road to injustice.

If you are fighting for justice, what you will win is injustice.

There is no such thing as justice, only injustice.

The more politics, the more injustice.

Social justice is not justice, it is vengeance.

If you bend the arc of history, you do not get justice, but injustice.

When you have dominated the oppressors, what do you get? Oppression or domination?

Critical theory creates cultural gang warfare.

Critical race theory creates more racial tensions, not less.

I guess you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggheads — @liptonnick

In a culture war there will be casualties, just like in real war.

You may think you are “woke” but how do you know you are not asleep?

When a political movement achieves its objectives it doesn’t go home.

When a political movement achieves its objectives it doesn’t have to play nice any more.

When a political movement achieves its objectives it is time to crush its enemies.

Hitler hated Jews; feminists hate men. Explain.

Capitalism works for men who do. Socialism works for men who don’t. (Daniel J. Flynn)

Socialism is the religion that sanctifies loot and plunder as moral obligations.

Socialism promises belonging but delivers isolation.

Socialism promises equality but delivers scarcity.

Socialism promises dignity and compassion but delivers degradation and cruelty.

Socialism is the faith of rich kids that never had a job. Marx, anyone?

Class Analysis: A hundred years ago the rich were thin and the poor were fat; today the rich are thin and the poor are fat. A hundred years ago the rich were idle and the poor worked; today the rich work and the poor are idle.

Nietzsche: “the priests” teach us to hate ourselves. Me: the politicians teach us to hate others.

Nietzsche was “the Nazis’ favorite intellectual:” butcher’s bill 50 million. Marx is the left’s favorite intellectual: butcher’s bill 100 million. Explain.

Politics is the division between “us” and “them;” Religion is the division between “good” and “evil.” Totalitarianism is the division between “us good people” and “them evil people.”

Great Reaction: Socialism is a return to slavery; the welfare state is a return to feudalism; identity politics is neo-tribalism; reparations is neo-vengeance; activism a return to revolution, rioting for the ruling class, part medieval knight-errantry, and part activisme, or gentry kids putting on a school play for their parents; helpless victims are a return to sacrifice; totalitarianism is a return to the scapegoat; social justice is good old loot and plunder.

Crimes of the Left: Driving working class off the road to the middle class; misdirecting women in the public square; making war on middle class culture and values; taxing business and ordinary people and enslaving them to ruling-class crusades to save the world.

Ruling Class gotta have a war.

Understanding Yarvin’s three layers: the Gentry believe in governing the Commoners and advocating for the Clients; the Commoners just want a normal life with a job, a home, and a family; the Clients think “we was robbed!”

Lefties created the two greatest slave societies in history. In one century.

When the left ran out of real victims to patronize it started inventing “fake” victims.

I am all in favor of LGBT. I just can’t take it seriously.

Trump is the idiot you get when the usual idiots have screwed up.

Fascism is the idiocy you get when the usual idiots have screwed up.

Socialism is the idiocy that intellectual idiots propose to increase the power of ruling-class idiocy.

Politics is about trying to get things you shouldn’t want.

The first rule of politics is: never tell people the truth.

Every society since the dawn of time, and especially ours, is drenched in religion.

Every human alive has a religion, that explains for him, and especially her, the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

It is only the things we don’t understand that have any meaning. — Jung

People that deny they have a religion are the most religious of all.

Politics and government are all about force; law is all about private property; religion is all about morality.

Politics is downstream from culture (Breitbart) is downstream from religion (Wright) is downstream from “the meaning of life, the universe, and everything” (Chantrill).

Four Laws: Socialism cannot work because it cannot compute prices (Mises). The administrative state cannot work because the Man in Washington does not have the bandwidth to run the economy (Hayek). Regulation does not work because “regulatory capture” (Stigler). Government programs cannot work because you can never reform them (Chantrill).

Taleb: Never virtue-signal; never rent-seek; you must start a business. Chantrill: We are all virtue-signallers; we are all rent-seekers; we never quite got to start our own business.

We forget that for every success story there are dozens of failures.

Most successes are a consequence of second, third and fourth attempts.

The world is full of good ideas. What it needs are good ideas that work.

US Politics in Four Lessons: The American People are the best people in the world. The USA is the best country in the world. When you lose a normal change election you concede with a good grace. Anyone that accuses someone of being a racist is a monster.

Anyone that calls another a racist is a hater.

Anyone that calls another a hater is a racist/sexist etc.

Anyone who raises the subject of race is a racist. The one who talks about race the longest is the racist.

After we elected the First Black President we learned that to oppose his policies was racism. Does that mean that any opponent of the First Woman President will be sexist, and any opponent of the First Gay President will be a homophobe?

At their best, men have a Culture of Courage and women have a Culture of Kindness.

Men have a Culture of Insult, as in “what’s yer problem, pal?”

Men have a Culture of Suck-it-in, as in “never complain, never explain” — Benjamin Disraeli.

Women have a Culture of Complaint, as in “I can’t believe she said that!”

Women have a Culture of Complaint, as in “Much as I hate to say it, she…”

Women have a Culture of Complaint, as in “I really shouldn’t be telling you this, but she…”

Men are creators, fighters, destroyers; Women are learners, carers, teachers.

Today’s Activist is a ruling-class stooge.

Activists are fake revolutionaries.

Activists are actors, play-acting revolution.

What’s the difference between an activist and a revolutionary? The activist is building his resume; the revolutionary is burning it.

At the end of the Middle Ages courtiers enjoyed LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) battles in their tournaments. In our age activists enjoy LARPing revolution in their mostly peaceful protests.

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