Don’t Expect Much Info on Bombing

Here’s what we know definitively about the Nashville bombing on Christmas morning.

The bomb went off at about 6:30 a.m. on Second Ave. North outside an AT&T building downtown. Forty one businesses were damaged.

Shots were heard about an hour before the blast.
Police arrived on the scene and heard this coming from an RV: “If you can hear this, evacuate now.”

Police began evacuating people. They went door to door. Two officers were injured. One slightly and one sustained hearing loss. Three people were taken to the hospital after the blast.

Human remains were later found and bomb sniffing dogs were sent to the scene.

The Democrat mayor of Nashville, John Cooper, went to the scene and appeared to joke about the incident. He said he wanted to “make sure this is the only explosion that’s gonna happen in Nashville today.” He laughed at the gushing water mains.

The FBI held a presser last night.

That doesn’t tell us much. We still don’t know much about the Las Vegas shooting that happened a few years ago. Whatever they found out, they clamped down hard on it and we’re still in the dark.

The problem with “facts” is that the government is in control of them. The actual truth is always the casualty of those “facts”. You can say the same about every recent violent attack. The FBI puts out a cover story, the media runs with it and then the public forgets about it and we never learn the truth.

We won’t find out much true from them in this either. With Christopher Ray heading that department, the FBI will never come clean.

Here are some questions the incident raises:

Why the recorded message?
It doesn’t appear to have a motive of deep damage. Unlike Oklahoma City, the bomber didn’t want to kill a lot of people or destroy the whole downtown. The bomb wasn’t big enough for that.
If that wasn’t the goal, what was? Andrea Wildburg at Americanthinker blog notes that Muslim terrorists like to kill as many people as possible. This one didn’t.
Why choose Christmas morning?
If it had been against a corporate entity or with an environmental message, the bomber would have wanted that out.
Was the AT&T building a clue or haphazard?
Did the lockdowns contribute to the bomber’s wrath?
Was it a warning?
Was it a false flag? Could it have been done by someone for the government?

Unfortunately we can’t expect straight answers from either the government or the media. As always, they and the Deep State will use it for whatever purpose they want and we may never know.

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