Fox Bombs

Eric Bolling, formerly of Fox News, joined Newsmax after he was kicked off Fox News Channel.

At the time, it appeared odd that he was accused of sending texts with pictures of his genitals to women. Out of character for him. Fox booted him, but said they “agreed to part ways amicably.” Perhaps it was just another indicator that they were turning left and wanted to purge all Trump friendly people from the network. Bolling, unlike Hannity, was not a lynchpin of their line up so he was expendable.

Bolling is currently suing Yashar Ali, the Huffpo author who supposedly outed him for $50 million.

Anyhow, Bolling still has friends at Fox and told Mediaite:

“Here’s what happened guys, let’s be honest with you, I can talk about this, Donald Trump on November 3rd — Fox declared Biden the winner in Arizona. MAGA-world went ballistic, they said ‘I’m not watching Fox News,’ they switched over and they looked and they found Newsmax,” Bolling said.

“Fox lost about 40% of their audience. 40 percent. That’s a big number,” Bolling continued, a statement that sparked roaring applause from the audience of young conservatives.

“I have friends still there that say they are very, very nervous about it, they’re sucking wind on it and they don’t know how to turn it around,” Bolling said.

Want proof?

Here’s from Showbuzzdaily from December 16:

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