We Must Stop the Steal

Sometimes a comment on a blog is so spot on, that it needs to be shared.

Donsurber.blogspot.com by itself is one of those first thing in the morning must reads for a true American. He writes a daily highlights of the news that is witty, on point and brilliant. His regular group of commenters only add to the experience.

I share this one by “The Gipper Lives” because it is so perceptive:

Stop It
Stop It Now

If this disgraceful fraud were ratified by our Corrupt Swamp, then it would be the Corrupt Swamp that would have to give way. Nothing I know about this President tells me he will curl up in the fetal position and accept this Ballot Coup, Biden Coup or Beijing Coup, knowing full well that he won in a landslide. Nothing.

But this is bigger than President Trump. Eighty million voters are not going to have their voice throttled and choice stolen to be replaced with a Chinese Poodle and his Jezebel whore.

You can’t have a re-public-an form of government when your public consists of dead people, house pets, houseplants, superheroes, Civil War veterans, imaginary friends, illegal aliens, NPCs, cartoon characters, entire cemeteries, vegetarians with wilting beards, Bolshevik commissars (half gangster, half gramophone), earnest ladies in sandals, shock-headed Marxists chewing polysyllables, escaped Quakers, birth-control fanatics, Uni-Party backstairs-crawlers and the entire Fictional American-Community casting billions of fairytale ballots for a basement-dwelling doormat with a questionable pulse, tabulated on Hugo Chavez Brand(tm) voting machines by people who can’t decide how many genders there are.

But we’re not going to overthrow the government. No, that’s already been done.

We’re going to overthrow those who have already overthrown the government–the government of the people, by the people and for the people. As President Lincoln put it; “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

It is untenable. It would mean the ratification of a Permanent CIA/FBI American Police State Apparatus and the Death of Free and Fair Elections in this nation. You cannot have this. No. Just No.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away and so long ago there was a magazine whose mission was “to stand athwart History, yelling Stop!”. That magazine is now a shell of a shell, having been co-opted by a grumpy rump who grovel for Globalist Danegeld. Robert Conquest was wrong–sometimes an explicitly right-wing organization becomes left-wing when the money runs out and the fickle finger of fate defenestrates. These guys would rather be ruled by Chinese telecom oligarchs than the first two thousand names in the Boston phone book.

Yet the orphaned mission remains.

It is now only President Trump and his 80 million voters who stand athwart and command History to Stop! #StopTheSteal!

So proceed at your own peril, Swamp Creatures. But you will not steal our voice, steal our choice, steal our elections, steal our Rights and steal our futures, if we have to take apart the Corrupt Swamp bog by bog and brick by brick.

We’re yelling “Stop!” Are you listening? I don’t think you are.

Because if you don’t stop, if you can’t stop, if you cant make yourself stop, then, by the Grace of Almighty God, we will stop it for you.

Because we won’t Stop, either. Not Ever. Our Cause is Freedom.

What’s yours?

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