Wong Way to Eat

Since our conObama Eatscerned First Lady wants to show us all how to eat and wants to steer us away from an early grave by having us eat healthy foods, I was delighted to find out what she recently had on vacation. After all, aren’t the First Family  now our role models?

She and the Commander in Chief dined at Alan Wong’s in Hawaii on Wednesday night. Along with them was Obama’s sister and her husband,  plus half a dozen friends and, of course, a cadre of Secret Service agents. They seemed to find lots of things permissible on the pricey menu.

First off, three appetizers were ordered. A seafood cake, a tomato with li hing mui dressing  and Wong’s famous “soup and sandwich.” The soup in this duo is a two colored tomato soup. It is paired with a grilled cheese sandwich featuring foie gras.

Chicago banned foie gras from restaurants in 2006, citing cruelty to animals.

“I think how we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other. It’s very important that we have a president who is mindful of the cruelty that is perpetrated on animals.” Barack Obama on the campaign trail, 2008

Michelle Obama dined on foie gras in April 2009 at the NATO Summit banquet. Prime Minister Brown’s wife, Sarah, refused to eat it.

The group went on to enjoy lobster lasagna.

Lobster was a favorite when the first family dined in Maine this summer. The first couple dined on lobster tails with butter while the girls ate fried shrimp.

“When Michelle Obama implored restaurateurs in September to help fight obesity, she cited the proliferation of cheeseburgers and macaroni and cheese…But in a series of confidential agreements approved by agriculture secretaries in both the Bush and Obama administrations, Dairy Management has worked with restaurateurs to expand their menus with cheese laden products.” New York Times, November 6, 2010.

Michelle Obama shared her recipe for the family’s macaroni and cheese. The ingredients:

1 lb. elbow macaroni

3 tablespoons butter

1 cup shredded Swiss

1 cup grated Parmesan

2 cups shredded Cheddar

7/8 tsp. salt

1 cup heavy cream

1 egg

1/4 cup  whole milk

Some in the dinner party ordered ginger crusted onaga, a $35 entree. But the president ordered his  favorite, soy braised short ribs (does he have something against pork?).

“As humans, we are programmed to crave sugary, fatty, salty foods,” Michelle Obama told the National Restaurant Association members. “The more of these foods people eat, the more they’re accustomed to that taste, and after a while, those unhealthy foods become a permanent part of their eating habits.”

Dessert was not forgotten The president has a favorite, “The Coconut,” and ordered it.   It consists of coconut ice cream shaped in a dark chocolate shell to resemble an actual coconut.

As I tell my girls, dessert is not a right,” Michelle Obama.

The chef commented to the Honolulu newspaper that Obama has been to his restaurant frequently and “every time it’s a chicken skin moment.”

The chef might have meant that he gets goosebumps when the president comes to his restaurant, but it’s also a pretty odd way to phrase it. What the first family says and what they do are two different things when it comes to diet. Want to bet he was tongue in cheek? Could be hard to resist the crackling, crisp skin of a roasted chicken.

And, by the way, Michelle Obama promised to send Wong some honey from her very own beehives at the White House.

I hope that wasn’t his tip for the night!

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