Is Anyone Surprised?

The outcome of the Georgia senate races was a foregone conclusion.

What’s the definition of insanity? Keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result? That’s what Georgia was.

The machines were the same Dominion ones. Nothing had been done to correct the obvious fraud. Loeffler and Perdue did not object. They pretended there would be a fair election when all the elements of fraud were staring them in the face. Neither made a big effort to connect with or defend President Trump. They acted like zombies. The two times that Trump stumped for them, Perdue was AWOL from the rally
Monday night (maybe the first time, too?) and Loeffler paraded across the stage briefly and had nothing to say except the stock phrases. It was shocking how little she cared about connecting with her audience.

Perdue appeared to win on Nov. 3rd, then when the fraud kicked in he laid down like a lamb at the slaughter. Not much fight in him.

Yesterday afternoon there were reports that Dominion machines were already malfunctioning. People had to leave ballots in a box so that the poll workers could “feed” aka shred them later. The Republicans were leading until late in the night. Then there was a big ballot dump. Surprise! The Dems took the lead. Like Nov. 3, votes disappeared from Perdue’s totals. Didn’t we seen this scenario just two months ago?

The “Republican” governor and “Republican” legislature did nothing to prevent the fraud, even when confronted with video of people pulling suitcases of ballots from under a table after the Republicans had left. They knew that dead people, felons in jail and underage kids voted. They saw that the same address was used for hundreds of ballots or addresses where there were no houses were used as residences.
Stacy Abrams, the wannabe Georgia governor, bragged that she had hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots weeks before the election.

Still they did nothing.

This would not matter so much if it was just a Georgia thing. But it isn’t. It affects all of us. Now even if Trump is declared the winner, he will not be able to get any Supreme Court justice confirmed, nor will he be able to do anything but veto. We are stuck with the two Georgia uber Leftists enthroning Chuck Schumer the Majority Leader for at least two more years.

But how can we ever win if Democrats are in charge and manipulate voting machines again?

The whole country is doomed.

We no longer have ethical leaders (except for Trump). The Washington swamp rules over us peasants and what we think doesn’t matter to them anymore. The courts are OK with that.

With Republican friends like these and other legislatures, who needs enemies?

It’s not just a swamp. It’s a cesspool.

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