It’s All on You Now Democrats

The only “good” thing that could possibly be extracted from this week’s horror show in which we lost our republic, is that the Democrats now own the country. At least they do politically.
No, that isn’t a good thing except that now everything that goes wrong will be their fault. Exclusively.

Since cheating their way to the Senate on Tuesday (and does anyone believe it was an honest election?), they now own that section of Congress by a slim margin. Once they get rid of the filibuster in the Senate, you’ll have to stand back as a tsunami of leftists policies will come out of that body to join up with the House.

They own that branch as well, but by a slim margin. Slim doesn’t matter much since they will use intimidation, threats and bullying on their members and will succeed.

They own the important governorships and will likely retain them (see above reasons). New York, Illinois, California, New Jersey belong to them. They will try voter fraud to get the other big ones like Texas and Florida now under Republican administrations.

Although we have a slim majority at the Supreme Court, that doesn’t matter either. Through their intimidation tactics the Court is now owned also by the Democrats. Our three new justices went down without even a whimper. Let’s see if that supposed promise not to pack the courts holds. I doubt it. A deal with the devil never works out in your favor.
As for the media, they and the Democrats are one and the same. They will do whatever they can to hide Biden’s ineptitude, Leftist policy failures and international incidents brought on by the Dems love of China, Iran and various international oligarchs.

So what is more or less inevitable that Americans won’t find acceptable?

You can expect gasoline and home energy costs to go up big time. Once fracking ends, that will put a stop to America’s lead on energy production. Plus their favorite go to issue, environmentalism, will let them limit industry and travel via high gas prices and curtailing of energy extraction.

People didn’t like Obamacare, but what does that matter? Guess what? that “f—ing big deal” Biden gloated about to Obama will be back. With a vengeance.

Speaking of medical issues, Biden will order a mask mandate nationwide almost immediately. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it on inauguration day via executive order. It will be for our own good, even though masks may spread other diseases and are the equivalent of a chain link fence trying to stop a mosquito. It’s all more about controlling us than our “own good.”

Constitution? Some argue they’ll change it. But that takes time and trouble. It’s much easier for them to skirt it as they so often do. For instance, freedom of religion and assembly got a big blow when Democrats (and some Republicans) insisted on closing churches during the pandemic. Again, for “our own good.” Same with businesses and your right to earn a living. They don’t have to come out against that; all they have to do is regulate you out of existence for full dependency on the State.

One of the first things you can expect, too, is an extra $1400 check sent out as Covid relief money. Once Trump is out, they will want to draw a contrast between him and them, even though he was the one who wanted to send out $2000. But when has truth ever mattered to them? You might as well set that check aside when you get it to cover the cost of the tax increase we will all see. Expect it to skyrocket. Those bad old million and billionaire friends of the Dems won’t have to worry about it. They always manage to find loopholes and the Dems are happy to comply, no matter how they rail against big money earners. After all, who will give them the money they need to win? Little donations from average Americans are chump change to them.

Besides, how are they going to give free college tuition to all, plus a dropping of all student loan debt without taxing most of us? It has to happen.

Low income workers who are struggling now to make it will not like the wave of illegal immigrants who are already waiting at the border to get in. If you’re black, these people will take away a lot of your jobs. They’ll do it cheaper. That’s why our “conservative” friends at the Chamber of Commerce and Wall St. Journal so like Biden. Cheap labor means more money in their pockets.

As for China, our industries will once again take a backseat in manufacturing. People in the Rust belt states knew they were threatened. That’s why they voted for Trump, only to see their ballots switched to Biden. Good luck trying to find a job now. China will be in charge and that means more expensive American goods will suffer. We’ll all have to accept the low quality, ineffective and sometimes deadly Chinese products. There won’t be much other choice.

These are just a few of the Dem “goodies” coming our way. Climate change, more money to Iran, more regulations in everything we do will occur as well. The list can go on and on.

Don’t expect the media to come to our aid. They will do everything they can to hide our displeasure and any corruption issues the Dems have. And they have a lot.

Still, Mr., Mrs., Ms. and Xi, etc. American will notice. We won’t like it. Our dissatisfaction is the only way we can overcome them. It may take a long time, however, and we will need leaders and a strategy. It’s a golden opportunity for someone.

Another plus is the Democrats continual overreach. They always go too far. It scares off people. Right now they are like hyenas gorging at an elephant carcass. They won’t look up to see the horror on most Americans’ faces. They will also start to turn on each other for a bigger piece of the prize.

The Democrats now own the country, lock, stock and barrel. That one fact will be impossible to smooth over. We will all notice it. It will be the turd in the punchbowl obvious to all.

Small consolation right now, isn’t it?

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