Why Republicans Are Trashing Trump

We expected the Obamas, Clintons, Bidens and all their enablers to trash Trump. Now we’re taking incoming from our own.

Senators like Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney trashed him for his efforts to challenge the overwhelming voter fraud. Now they are on to scolding Trump for the violence that happened at the Capitol. Violence, by the way that was not initiated by Trump supporters. The unarmed woman who was killed was a Republican and killed by police. No one else did anything but try to get into the Peoples’ house.

Other senators like our own Marsha Blackburn, Bill Haggerty and Lamar Alexander joined in on the dump. Although Blackburn and Haggerty initialing signaled they would support the President’s vote challenge, as soon as the Wednesday shooting occurred they did a quick 180. So quick, they must have gotten whiplash. Many other Republicans suddenly conflated the death with voter fraud and went against the president as well.

Not to mention Pontius Pence who has to go down as one of the biggest backstabbing creeps in history.

The Wall St. Journal has asked for Trump to be impeached; National Review agreed; the phony Lincoln Project broke out the champagne. These are on “our side.”

With a week and a half to go before Trump leaves office, why would they do that?

I think the size and passion of the crowd scared them. All of them live in their own bubble in DC. They are intimidated by the press, too, which immediately acted as if Trump called for the violence, which he emphatically didn’t.

They saw that Trump is still the head of the Republican Party. They saw that he has 80 million followers. They know that we do not believe in them anymore and that we will not waiver in our support for Trump. We embrace his America First policy and the MAGA movement. That won’t do. They get paid by lobbyists and foreign nationalists and our card carrying members of the Uni Party. They don’t like that Trump has revealed this truth. And, if he releases information about them they’ll be in big trouble.

So they must wrest power from him in any way they can. The thought of Trump starting another party that would draw 80% of their voters terrifies them. They can’t allow that to happen so they use every tool in the kit to attack and pull the base away from him. Won’t happen and they know this.
I can’t remember a president as clean as Trump. He has not gotten us into foreign wars. He hasn’t imprisoned people – in fact he has released many from unjust imprisonment. He hasn’t crashed the economy, but grown it. He created millions of jobs. He hasn’t taken away anyone’s rights. Unfortunately, abortion is still available.

Trump hasn’t been involved in any corruption scandals, nor has his family. He hasn’t had any moral issues like Clinton or lies like Obama. He hasn’t profited off his policies like the Bidens have.

That means that the hold and death grip the two parties have on DC is threatened. They have to do something to get rid of the threat to their very existence and access to wealth. Why do they all come out of office millionaires? It’s not from frugality.

I doubt Republicans will succeed. Elephants, as they say, have long memories. We will remember who screwed him. We will no longer vote for somebody because it will give the GOP a majority in either house, no matter how bad he/she is.

That spells doom. Do you hear that Marsha, Bill, David Kustoff, Tom Cotton, Lindsey Graham, Mittens?

Their ears are cocked to their own survival and profit. We can go to hell.

We know that now. And that’s the real threat.

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