We Are All Hong Kong Now

Americans used to look askance at Communist countries who denied their citizens free speech, free assembly, the right to bear arms, a fair trial, a free and honest media (not Pravda), restricting citizens’ right to move freely around and the obvious holding of sham elections.

Now we’re one with them!

Before Covid when people in Hong Kong were protesting the Chinese takeover of their nation, Americans of all stripes rallied to defend them. Well, only with words because 1. not my monkey, not my circus and 2. unwillingness to do anything that might have a cost.

So China has taken them over, arrested their democracy and anyone who wanted it.

Are we any different now?

Sham election, check.
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube have denied conservatives the right to speak their minds there, check. Freedom of speech denied.
Rallies at the sacrosanct Capitol will now be stopped, check. Free assembly will not be allowed, unless you’re a BLM or Antifa protest.
Refusal of the Supreme Court or lower courts to allow any evidence of a fraudulent election to surface, check. No right to a fair trial.
Media that is tied into the Democrat/oligarch party so that no evidence of wrongdoing or corruption ever comes forward, check. Add to that a perversion of the truth that Trump incited rioting and deaths. Complete control for them.
Keeping us in our houses supposedly for health reasons and controlling our movements, check.

Where’s are Republic, again? Would it be in any way recognizable to the Founders? I don’t think so.

People are forgetting the bloody rioting and destruction that happened after Trump’s inauguration. We saw images of a Starbucks smashed to bits and thugs running around with baseball bats. I believe some people were arrested, but only one faced any kind of sentencing.

Last summer after the RNC convention at the White House, Senator Rand Paul and Dan Bongino were harassed by Antifa types on the way back to their hotel. They felt lucky to escape the crowd and didn’t get much help from DC police. That was OK, though since it was violence against conservatives.

All summer long we saw Antifa and BLM riots across the nation. Nancy Pelosi and the Dems encouraged it. She even asked why there weren’t more people rioting. So much for their distaste for violence.
Then there was the attack on Rand Paul by his liberal neighbor and the attack on Steve Scalise and other Republicans at a baseball game.

It’s OK when they do it, but not anyone else. So what next? What do we do?

A comment on another site explained:

Trumpism and everything associated with it has always been an effect, not a cause.

Today was the result of the riots all summer long. It was the result of the storming of the Senate during the Kavanaugh hearings. It was the result of the utter chaos after Trump’s inauguration. Frankly, it goes back farther than that. It was the result of Occupy Wall Street. It was the result of actual peaceful protests by the Tea Party being described as a threat to the very fabric of society.

It was a result of four years of being told that black is white. Of having the false Russian collusion narrative shoved down our throats for three years. Of a farce of an impeachment that went down to a party line vote even though every single impeachment witness under direct questioning testified that they had no firsthand knowledge of Trump committing any impeachable offenses.

It was the result of trying to convince us that Trump was involved in a quid pro quo while ignoring the established fact that Biden engaged in one himself. It was the result of ignoring the Hunter Biden laptop. It was the result of having to sit through a corrupt Mueller investigation. It was the result of being told repeatedly that there was no fraud in this election or any indication of it.

It was the result of Nick Sandmann being destroyed by the media, when he did absolutely nothing wrong. It was the result of people being attacked in restaurants or on the streets merely for wearing a red hat. It was the result of years of fake racist incidents like Jussie Smollett. It was the result of many people being sick and tired of not being able to stand up and speak their mind. It was the result of years of monstrous attacks on free speech by the left.

Today’s not Trump’s fault. And if you think it is, then your stupidity is incurable.

In short, today was long overdue. Yes, it’s a shame that it happened, but the shame is what led us here.

Never Trumpers and other establishment types have been hoping for years that they could just ride this out and that Trumpism would go away. I think that’s the real reason you’re upset today. You’ve just realized that Trumpism isn’t going away. This isn’t a fringe movement that will just die out. It’s going to get stronger, not weaker. You can either be a part of it, or get run over by it.

Today, it seems to me that far too many have chosen to get run over. So be it.

And yes, I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. You don’t like it? I don’t give a f*ck.

The more they try to suppress us, the closer they take us to civil war. When free speech is cut off, what other means do we have? Courts have failed us, too.
It’s a very dangerous time.

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