Who Will They Hate Now?

With Trump gone in a matter of days, who will the media and Democrats turn to for their hate fest? It’s as necessary for them to gorge themselves on someone as it is for vultures to eat up carcasses or a rat to scavenge.

Oh, sure, he’ll be around to scream at, yell and persecute. It will give them a few good months of glee, but what after that? Even the most rabid will need fresh meat.

As we all know, Trump was just the avatar for the Deplorables. The Left hates us and wants to pummel us mercilessly. They already announced that we should be punished and retribution taken. Now it’s more than a week before Biden gets in and they’ve already begun. With a vengeance.

The president has been banned from Twitter forever, and probably Facebook. Many of the rest of us have been purged, too. Steve Bannon’s War Room has been removed from YouTube. When I go to see Mark Levin, also on that channel is a Vietnamese pottery maker throwing pots. What gives?
Who’s next? Does Fox News think it will escape the pogram? It won’t. Even though they’ve flipped, they’ll be harmed and punished.

The message has to be clear. No one from outside the Deep State may ever run for office again. If you do, you will be pursued, vilified, bankrupted and ostracized. Don’t even dare to think about challenging their party. Oh, there might be room for you if you leave any kind of ethics behind. The sooner you can flip – as our Republican “friends” have demonstrated – the better it will be for you.

Until we all come under their control, they will hate us. Even then it will only be a toleration.

The Left doesn’t realize by doing this they are making a martyr out of Trump for all of us. We know he’s standing in and up for us. That’s what they fear so much.

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