The Dem and GOP Dream Is Here

A few stories down is an explanation for why Republicans turned so quickly on President Trump. Essentially, they can’t have him as the leader of the party. It would mean the old boys way of running the country via a system of corrupt deals would perish.

The GOP is not sorry to have lost. That’s evident. They may even like losing. For one, the GOP likes to play defense. In 2017-18, on Trump’s coattails, when we had the House, Senate and Presidency, all they could manage to do was get a tax cut through. Oh, they could have managed more; the House under Paul Ryan just didn’t want to do anything more substantive or along the MAGA agenda. They are uncomfortable with taking the lead and pushing ideas through. They would much rather be in second place, railing against the man – supposedly – than doing anything definitive.

For all we know, it might have suited Mitch McConnell at this juncture to trade in Senate Majority Leader title for Minority. Didn’t seem to care too much about the Senate races in Georgia, nor did he fight for them, did he? Now McConnell never has to do anything that might displease his benefactors nor appease his constituents. If an issue pops up that might go against them, he can take on that mantle without really doing it. All for appearances, in other words.

Then Wednesday’s rally came like manna from heaven in the form of a Trump rally. Probably it was planned manna. If it hadn’t been violence, the Dems and Pubs would have found another way to attack President Trump, but probably this was done because it most captured everything they wanted.

A little violent episode among hundreds of thousands of attendees was the perfect vehicle to stop freedom of speech. Just like 9/11 after which we had a new era of government surveillance and adherence to travel restrictions and just like after Covid when we had to stay in our homes, wear what they tell us, go when and where they allow us, we now have fewer basic freedoms.

The Capitol incident opened the door for both parties and all bureaucrats to be protected from the people. From their scrutiny, from their opinions, from their votes.

At the Kavanaugh hearings remember how Senator Jeff Flake, R-quisling, got trapped in an elevator with the rabble? In this case it was liberals storming the Halls of Congress so that was forgivable. Ditto the anti war Code Pink protestors who disrupted every hearing on the War on Terror. That was allowed. As was Madonna, who said she often dreamed of blowing up the White House. No Secret Service visited her.

Or BLM and Antifa storming courthouses across the nation. Then there were the people who tried to tear down Andrew Jackson’s statue across from the White House. Other memorials were desecrated too. Perfectly acceptable then.

This time it was different. Actual conservative Americans tried to get in the Peoples’ House. A line too far.

On Wednesday, what was to prevent any of the Congressmen or Senators from coming out to the group and merely meeting with them to diffuse tensions? With the Capitol police around they would have been safe. Nor were any of the rally goers toting guns. I imagine security, since the President was there, was pretty tight and people were checked for bombs and knives along with guns.
There is only one explanation. They wanted it. It served their purposes to paint a picture of a violent crowd storming the hallowed halls of government. (Not so hallowed as you see above.)

Pretty quickly it gave cover to those in Congress to stop following procedure for counting electoral votes. Instead, they dashed off to a hideaway, did it in the dark of night and in secret. They weren’t upholding the rules laid out by the Constitution and were violating the WaPo’s warning of democracy dying in darkness, but who cares?

Then the pretext allowed Big Tech to make their move. Suddenly the President and conservatives were purged from Twitter and Facebook. Trump was denied email access to contributors.

A commenter who goes by the name Chappiqquidick Olympian correctly argues, “As opposed to welcoming the populist President and his followers, the elite inside the beltway and their acolytes in the media and big tech have closed freedom of speech down. The ignorant and the political leadership on Capitol Hill welcome such a move because for the last four years the public had a voice which often lent itself to criticism of those who have failed to pursue the coup plotters or who criticized those who failed to take action against pillagers, rapists and murderers. Now those voices have been silenced and where is the outrage as the First Amendment is stomped into the ground and buried under the unauthorized jackboots of authority?”

He notes that in a few days they shut down public criticism. “Can you imagine operating without public criticism? Yes, it would obviously be a dictatorship but for the first time in US history the thin skinned politicians wouldn’t have to face the public’s wrath. Remember, that when the Congress recently tried to pass amnesty, the phone lines melted down. The poor members of Congress were forced to listen to the public, those they represent.

“Now a 1984 based Nirvana has fallen upon them and they won’t reject it. Remember, that it was only President Trump calling for a section 230 modification on the law that protects these tech tyrants from lawsuits. Now they’ve shut down the opposition and quite easily. The tech giants claimed that Trump’s 230 modification would shut down free speech.

“In an ironic move, the tech giants have proven they don’t need to eliminate section 230 to shut down free speech, they have just gone ahead and done it, and to protect the elected class. In short, they are hoping and praying the Democrats see they have more to gain from a virtual dictatorship controlled by big tech than to allow the public to engage in rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. This move parallels a trend by big government to engage in questionable actions like the attempted coup without criticism. The coup is now complete and the unindicted criminals, many of whom were fired from their official positions, have won.”

The Republicans will enjoy this just as much as the Democrats.
A Big Tech watcher clued us in, too. He said to look for one of the first acts of Congress to be a beefing up of FBI, CIA and NSA with big funds. It will go right back to the Big Tech guys who will be required to implement it. Government and Big Tech Brother are now one and the same. That’s why Sen. Josh Hawley’s book exposing Big Tech had to be squashed.

We are now effectively bound, tied and gagged. Welcome to the USSA.

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