Bongino Shares Parler Details

“On Friday night, the media tech tyrants declared open war on free speech.”

That was Dan Bongino’s summation of what happened when Big Tech pulled President Trump off of Twitter and Facebook, then went on to take down the Twitter alternative, Parler.

If you don’t know, Bongino is a part owner in Parler and Rumble. In an episode he calls “The Road Ahead” Bongino shared what he could about the behind the scenes tsunami the take down cost him and all Americans.

“It was not just about Trump being pulled off Twitter, but an entire wiping out by the totalitarian left in a coordinated effort,” he said of the attack. “It’s an existential threat to free speech of all of us.

“You have no idea how bad it was behind the scenes. My wife and I haven’t slept in three days in any substantial amount. My blood pressure is up, my stress level is over the roof and I am dealing with health issues,” he said. “I have 5,000 fronts in a war coming after me.”

Bongino noted that it was worse behind the scenes. “You might ask, Dan, how can it be worse? Parler was basically wiped from the face of the earth. Apple pulled us off the app store. Google off Google play. Amazon pulled us off their server. Three billion dollar companies went after us. Other companies pulled out with such haste to make a political point that they exposed Parler to a number of threats that were impossible to protect. We had lawyers pull out. We were basically wiped off the internet. We were a lone man on an island.”

In addition, Bongino fears that many who work for Parler will lose their jobs.

Meanwhile, he said, Chinese Communists, threats to Uighurs and Iranian hostile comments were allowed on Twitter, but even the @potus account was stripped.

A somber Bongino vowed they would have Parler up in a few days and said that they had brought lawsuits against Twitter and others.

“If anything, this has made me put horse blinders on my face. I have never been more clear about what my life is about than right now.”

You can listen to the whole thing – which I a strongly advise – here: Bongino anticipated being pulled off YouTube shortly. He has made his show available on Rumble, anticipating the tech moves.

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