Betrayed by the GOP

Are the events in our capital really happening or am I watching a replay of the sinking of the Indianapolis?

During WWII that ship was attacked by the Japanese and sunk. Those who weren’t immediately killed clung to lifeboats or flotsam to survive. They had few, if any provisions and sharks circled, successfully picking off many of them. The rest went mad and died of thirst. Some tried to kill and eat their fellow sailors. They were adrift for weeks. Only a few were eventually picked up by the navy.

It looks like that in DC. The GOPe has gone mad. It is letting the Democrats/Progressives/Big Tech surround them and pick them off. The elites think if they can sacrifice Trump and his people to the sharks, they will be spared.

They won’t. Not by the Democrats and not by an angry base.

The GOP has torpedoed itself and now is adrift. Here’s who’s now in command:

One has signaled from the beginning that he’d like to throw Trump and his whole MAGA party overboard. McConnell was quick to tell Trump and Trump supporters that he supported Biden and to drop his attempt at securing a fair election. Now he is telling us that he’d like to see Trump impeached even though he has less than a week to fill in his term. Reportedly, McConnell has said that impeachment would make it easier to purge the party of The Donald.

He was even willing to lose his title as Majority Leader in the Senate to get this accomplished. Otherwise he would have fought for the two Georgia Senate seats. McConnell could have gone forward with the $2,000 check the President wanted to give Americans – and that Georgians wanted – but that would have helped the decertification so he didn’t.

McConnell also has big interests in China via his wife. She, by the way, who couldn’t resign from her Cabinet post fast enough (or take it fast enough at the beginning) has family close to China’s Xi and many trade interests with that country that rebound to Mitch’s benefit.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority leader with all the character of a sea cucumber, has been much more weasely about supporting the president. He wants to get rid of him, but he wants the base to make him Speaker in 2022. What to do? The invertebrate hoped that cutting a deal on censuring Trump would do it. McCarthy even failed at that.

Mike Pence has done the ultimate GOPe duty. He betrayed the man who lifted him up out of an inconsequential governorship to the international stage. This “God fearing Christian” has the base split. Is he Judas Iscariot or Pontius Pilate? Neither is a good look which assures that Pence will not hold office again. He’s probably made this trade off for big, remunerative seats on fancy boards and perhaps some Democrat in the future will want to give him the Medal of Freedom for his “courage” in “doing the right thing” of betraying 80 million voters.

Liz Chaney gets a special place. She’s House Republican Chair. She said, “There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution. I will vote to impeach the President.” This is rich coming from the daughter of a neocon whose involvement in a war got thousands of Americans killed and families wrecked. Some of them might consider that a “greater betrayal” when weapons of mass destruction we were told existed in Iraq were never found.

Then there are the three Republicans on the Supreme Court. They owe their jobs to President Trump. But when it came to looking into election fraud they were see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Our justice system is two tiered: one for elites, another for deplorables. They like it that way.

Don’t expect us to rescue you, GOP. When the RNC comes calling, we won’t be home. When it’s time to vote, we won’t do their bidding. Why go vote for someone who turns out to be just as bad as the Democrat?

Neither will we forget the betrayal. When it came time to fight for our legal votes, the Republicans were AWOL. It’s not just Trump, it’s us. Even when Trump isn’t there to hate, they will continue to hate us.

The Republic is dead and with it Republicans.

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