Rudy Explains Jan. 6

The rush to condemn President Trump after the January 6th rally is highly suspicious.

First, because Trump said nothing to incite violence. Trump supporters had been in DC for days without any negative events occurring. Why did this violence happen at the Capitol 15 minutes before Trump finished his speech, at a place that would have required an hour’s walk?

That and other questions are tackled by Rudy Giuliani who has found out quite a few facts unreported by the media and weak Republicans.

In the video from his site, Rudy’s Common Sense (, he comes to several conclusions. According to what he’s discovered, the violent protestors organized several days ahead. They came equipped with anti tear gas, guns and dressed in outfits worn by Antifa and not Trump supporters. Plus he says the police almost invite the people in.

In short, the whole thing was a frame up. You can see it here: or find it on Rumble by searching Rudy’s Common Sense.

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