Why Did Cheney Do It?

In one bold and stupid move, Liz Cheney ended her political career. By spearheading the Republicans against Trump and voting to impeach him, she showed how out of touch she is with conservative Republican Americans. The letter posted on this blog from the Wyoming Republican Party castigating her was swift and devastating. Did she think they wouldn’t notice?

Or is it because her name inflates her ego and she thinks she can coast on it? She probably assumes that.

Or is it that she, as a Deep State neocon wants to keep the endless wars going?

When Trump started pulling troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany and other areas, none of the doom, gloom and catastrophe these people predicted materialized. That has got to shake them to the core. Here, in Trump, they had proof that their self enriching superhawk stances didn’t work and weren’t needed. We haven’t suffered any more attacks at home. We haven’t sacrificed hundreds of men on the altar of the military industrial complex. In fact, peace has been given a chance in the Middle East and the area has been quiet without the interference of these people.

That has to scare them and it also tarnishes the legacy of her father, Dick Cheney. He was the man always ready to go to war. Trump proved that isn’t the right approach. It must have humiliated them.

So Liz took one for the team.

Maybe this was a blessing in disguise if it gets rid of her for any future position. In fact, it’s a good thing that we saw the people in the House and probably will in the Senate who are untrustworthy, self aggrandizing and out of touch people. Now we know who the enemy really is.

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