To Be or Not to Be a Republican

When so many of the Republican Party went AWOL after Biden’s “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” most of us went ballistic against the Republican Party.

They keep showing us how terrible they are. State legislatures admitted the fraud but wouldn’t do anything about it. Republican governors shirked their duty arrogantly. Most of our representatives and senators pretended fraud didn’t happen. Important leaders like Mitch McConnell told us to throw in the towel and accept Biden as our new overlord. Chris Christie, Lamar Alexander, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, the Bushes and more all joined the surrender chorus.
I was particularly incensed by Marsha Blackburn’s turn tail and run on January 6th when she folded as fast as possible, ran off with the Democrats and certified Biden’s election in the dead of night in a secret place. I thought she was better than that. Obviously not.

They did nothing while the media attacked, attacked, attacked Trump. Then the most heinous treachery of all by our supposedly loyal vice president who refused even to consider the concept of fraud and damned 80 million of us to the horrors of the out for blood Democrats that lies ahead.

Even our local party has all the gumption and power of Barney Fife. Since 2010, they have let the local Democrats steamroll us with nary a peep. No effort is made to combat the local media narrative that we are horrible people. There is never a push back to what they or the Democrats (I repeat myself) say. There was very little support of Trump. All our people think to do as strategy is to have others make phone calls that nobody likes doing or getting. I haven’t even found that the Shelby GOP chairman has a Twitter account. That’s the least he could do.

There hasn’t been an original idea with the Shelby GOP for a good decade. No going around talking to voters, no YouTube channel, no outreach to new communities. Clubs are on their own. I served on the board for awhile but gave up as it belongs to an old guard clique that does not cotton to new people or ideas.

I would very much like not to call this blog Midtown Republican anymore. What’s the point in being one?

However, Dan Bongino correctly pointed out the other day that there can only be two parties. A third one, if we branch out, would hand the Democrats victory for decades. That would spell the end of our country, if we haven’t just about hit it now. No one but Democrats could ever win because the math would be on their side.
Besides, the Uniparty would make sure a third party perished. They did it with the Tea Party. They never do it outright, it’s done by a thousand cuts. More rules for them, few if any court successes, IRS restrictions and suits. Same result.

No, what has to happen is more of us start manipulating the Deep State out of the party and outnumbering them with new people.

Can this be done easily? No.

Consider, though, the actions of the Wyoming Republican Party. They are showing the way. When their representative, Liz Cheney, tried to get Republicans to impeach Trump, then voted for it herself, Wyoming voters contacted the party and expressed outrage. The chairman had never seen anything like it and sent a scathing letter to her. It was posted on this blog a few days ago and is available to read.
You can bet there is a worthwhile Republican in Wyoming who will step forward in the primary. He/she will have great backing and if smart can get funds from around the country. It’s happening in Michigan too where the quisling newbie Peter Meijer who voted for impeachment already has a Republican primary challenger.

Others need to listen to the voters and do likewise.

For one, we can stop sending any money to the RNC. Instead, send it to a local candidate or candidate in another state who represents our values. I think the RNC will be shocked at how little money they take in. Rather than ignore the begging for money phone call, answer it. Tell them what you think. I found it rather satisfying when I did it.

We need to have more – actually frequent – contact with our lawmakers. If you get a weekly letter from Marsha Blackburn, reply and excoriate her. Let’s start off with Hagerty on the right foot and constantly remind him that we elected him because he got Trump’s backing. He needs to stand up and produce.

Two things need to be stressed at the state and federal level. Vote integrity and curtailing Big Tech. Our elected Republicans have failed us tremendously in both these areas. On the state level, Tennessee appears to do better on vote integrity, at least we demand voter ID. But we need to make sure that Dominion or whatever other machines are chosen, are free from interference. Perhaps paper ballots at least as backup could be used. Also, cut back on early voting. It is abused. It is rife for fraud. How many elections in the past have been stolen because of cheating? Then we must be sure not to allow mail in voting or voting over the internet.

The other, Big Tech, needs immediate attention. We must stop social media censorship. According to American Thinker, “Reportedly, legislation was introduced in Poland’s parliament on January 15, that would allow anyone who has been a victim of social media censorship to be paid a fine of $2.2 million. This allows application to a court, so that it would not depend upon waiting for a government official to show diligence and honesty.”

In North Dakota, the Legislature has introduced a bill to allow censured citizens to sue Facebook and Twitter. Tennessee should examine this, too.

Below I have provided a list of contacts for Republican office holders in Tennessee. Let them hear from you.

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