The Apocalypse Is Here

A commentator at who goes by the name The Gipper Lives summed up a lot of what we are feeling today.

The 2020 election was decided two minutes after the polls closed in November of 2016.

That’s when the Uni-Party decided they would steal this election from Donald Trump and the American people no matter what.

They could have saved all of us a lot of trouble by announcing their selection long ago without making us go through their evil charade. A brutal dictator is more honest than these subtle tyrants. The brute sticks a gun in your face and tells you he is stealing your freedom. These snakes stick a ballot in your hand and then steal your freedom from you while telling you that it was your own choice.

They crave the one thing they can never have: moral legitimacy.

They want to control others because they cannot control themselves; the unbridled greed, the ubiquitous perversion and the mad power-lust bar them from living within our system of honest elections. They want to control others’ speech because they cannot silence the chorus of lies pounding inside their own heads.

Donald Trump is an American patriot and traditionalist reformer who is careful to stay within the four corners of that tradition, despite the endless smears of being a dictator. Dictators are the ones who steal elections, censor communications and stage Reichstag Fires, not those who have it done to them.

Our President had these crazy ideas that America should be run for Americans, not for the Chinese Politburo, crooked politicians and corporate greedheads. That we probably shouldn’t give Iran nuclear ICBMs. That the winners of elections should assume those offices.

Even these common-sense ideas were all too much for our depraved Perma-Blob Government. They have decided that henceforth, the Government shall elect the Government. They are even proposing a new Domestic Terrorist law. Will it include the domestic terrorism of stealing an election from the American people in broad daylight…or just outlaw the criticism of that theft?

Apocalypse is not just a great battle. Apocalypse means a Great Unveiling. Every single Public Institution of American Life have been greatly unveiled, and proven to be broken, perverted, coerced or corrupt. Every. Single. One.

Perhaps our Heavenly Father has chosen to set aside President Trump–the duly-reelected President of the United States–while he deals with the rotting corpse of our Whore of Babylon-government.

And who could blame Him?

All this they do in the name of a Great Reset. But I tell you the gates of Hell shall not prevail and we are heading for a Great Awakening instead.

And Our Redeemer Jesus Christ is the God who redeems the Stolen.

(Selah is a Hebrew word that means forever)

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