A Different Pipeline

Yes, Biden (hard to call him President; I prefer Pretender), canceled the XL pipeline.

Was it to please the environmentalists? Certainly hundreds of millions of Americans will not enjoy paying 2 or 3 times the price of gas we do now. So the cost in popularity is a big negative. Do I really think Progressives/Democrats care about the environment? No. It’s all a sham.

Donald Trump Jr. sheds some light on the move. He tweeted, “Also worth noting it doesn’t end oil transportation it just forces oil companies to spend more money shipping oil on Warren Buffets rail lines. See how that works? It’s not environmental policy it’s a kickback to Democrat donors and nothing more.”

Now that makes sense.

Buffett has a railroad monopoly in North Dakota. It’s no coincidence that North Dakota is third among the states in oil production. Biden is merely paying him back for his campaign support.

The policies are made for them and we’re given some high sounding reason to accept their corruption. Surprised?

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