Biden Hands China Our Power Grid

Thanks to an executive order on day 1 of Biden’s coup, our energy system has been compromised.

Not only did he stop the Keystone Pipeline, but he rescinded Trump’s ban on electric equipment (read China) from a foreign country that poses a national security threat. Biden’s EO undid that, meaning the Chinese now have some control over our power grid. Not like they would ever use that as leverage, is it? Not the country that already, in my opinion, shaped the outcome of our presidential election.

An analyst at Meaninginhistory reported:

If I’m reading everything here right, Biden’s new EO permits China to get back in the business of providing equipment for our primary power grid. That seems to include the massive transformers that the grid relies on at many critical points throughout the US.

In 2010, back when I was in the cyber-security business and keeping up with such things, a Chinese researcher published a paper (either in English, or quickly translated) addressing potential grid attacks in the US. Specifically, the paper proposed a new way of attacking the power grid in the western US.

Previous papers (that I had seen) all focused on the main (what I refer to as backbone) grid infrastructure; that part where one successful attack could take down the entire grid. Needless to say, that is also where defenders focus most of their attention.

This paper shows how attacking the peripheral components of the grid, those less heavily defended, can have the same effect. By taking down one of the least important components far removed from the backbone, some automatic switching takes place to route around the failed component, slightly increasing the load on nearby components. Do this to a few of the “unimportant” components on the fringe, with the effects “cascading” upwards toward the backbone, and you’ve just overloaded the main grid, and bad things happen without the main grid having been directly attacked.

The result is not just the inconvenience of no air conditioning for a while; it’s the violent (probably explosive) loss of the massive transformers that makes the grid possible. These things are truly massive, and expensive, and difficult to transport from one place to another. More importantly, there are no extras hanging around waiting to be called in. And, it can take more than a year to manufacture one, and US annual manufacturing capacity is in the single digits (the last time I checked).

Now, imagine the US relying on China for some or all of these transformers. A little cyber attack, difficult or impossible to attribute to any one, takes down the grid, destroys several of these transformers, and China is just so very busy they can’t be bothered to hurry up and provide replacements. Catastrophe is too mild a word for this.

Funny how a few millions can be more important to people in power than the welfare of 330 million Americans.

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