How to Win

The reddit guys challenging Wall St. hedge funds are showing us the way to defeat the elites.

They are doing it legally, ethically and non violently. That’s the way forward for our side to win.

For example, the artist Sabo has done it in Los Angeles. He puts up signs overnight that challenge the elites. Here’s one he did making fun of California Governor Newsom:


Then others put this up:

At home, I’d like to see signs put up that say “This Sign Is Non Judgmental.” It would be a wonderful contrast to the “In This House…” “We Believe” “Hate Has no Home Here,” etc. What better way to cut them to the core for their very hostile judgementalism? Liberals preen that they are inclusive when in essence, they are the most prejudiced and discriminatory people walking around.

The idea is to work within the system.

It’s time, too, to stop watching network television. Why doesn’t someone call for a day’s boycott of all network and cable channels? We should all be watching and supporting YouTube channels or the new upstart networks like America’s Voice, OANN and Newsmax. Then just about everybody with a voice or radio show has a channel: Dan Bongino, Sebastian Gorka, Eric Bolling, Judicial Watch, Steve Bannon’s War Room.

As time progresses we will see new ways to get our points across. There are many clever people on our side, particularly one residing in Palm Beach, Florida.
There is a natural inclination to rebel against the establishment. This time it will be us.

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