Trial Chance to Showcase Fraud

The Democrats, media, Swamp people, naive Americans and the uneducated want us to believe that there was no election fraud in the Nov. 3rd election. They are trying desperately because the cheating so obvious that it can’t be disputed. So they resort to bullying and humiliating others to make sure the truth is stamped out.

I hope President Trump takes charge and disabuses everyone of this when he takes the stage at his ridiculous impeachment trial next week.

To those who have any doubts about fraud in the election, former Trump administration official Peter Navarro will disabuse you of that in his long and detailed report on the 2020 election.

It is divided into three parts: The Immaculate Deception, The Art of the Steal and Yes, President Trump Won. Read it here:

You might want to keep a copy of it as who knows when Big Tech will purge it.

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