Pence ‘Finds’ New Job

The Daily Signal reports, “Former Vice President Mike Pence will be joining The Heritage Foundation as a distinguished visiting fellow, the think tank announced Thursday.”

Well, that was fast. Not even a month has gone by since he betrayed his country by refusing to allow any look at voter fraud in swing states. Pence has characterized it as not wanting to determine the election. That was a red herring. The Trump administration never asked him to do that, a fact that he knows. But how else could he cast himself as a great American hero? The man doesn’t have courage in him.

The Daily Signal continues, “In the new role, Pence will advise Heritage Foundation experts on public policy issues, deliver a series of speeches on policy solutions, and write a monthly column for The Daily Signal, the think tank’s multimedia news outlet.”

Could this be an indication that he wants to run in 2024? After all, he cleared the playing field for himself, if he believes Trump will not or cannot run. Is that the deal he made? Congress via impeachment would disallow Trump’s candidacy? Or did the Biden crime syndicate promise him an executive order forbidding Trump running if Pence denied scrutiny of the vote?

I think any and all of these are valid premises.

Heritage had a hand in the selection of Supreme Court justices. So far, the three they advised Trump to take have been duds. Was that also in the Deep State plan? I do not think the Heritage Foundation is nearly as conservative friendly as people think.

Here’s some backup from headlined “Five Reasons Conservatives Shouldn’t Give the HF Another Red Cent.” Actually I find six in that No. 2 lists two reasons. Pay particular attention to No. 5.

1. Heritage is rejecting efforts to remedy catastrophic coronavirus lockdowns.

Sending another round of so-called stimulus checks would be ineffective and wasteful. Instead, policymakers should reduce barriers to income opportunities and make it easier for individuals to earn their own paychecks. [Heritage]

Just “remove barriers to income opportunities” and make it easier for Americans to work as Uber drivers. That’s Heritage’s prescription for a healthy America.

2. From the beginning, Heritage was undermining President Trump’s agenda on immigration and foreign policy.

Prior to the 2016 election, Heritage harshly attacked Trump’s core immigration platform. Heritage fellow Mike Gonzalez complained to NBC that Trump’s plan to curb legal immigration “ignored the benefits” it gave to America.

Throughout all four years of Trump’s presidency, the foundation has demanded the perpetual extension of the endless, useless war in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, it also released papers promoting military action against Syria.

3. Heritage has slavishly defended the growing power of Big Tech at the expense of American workers.

While big tech’s censorship power grew more and more powerful, Heritage (which receives donations from Google) published mindless papers touting “free enterprise” as the solution to powerful monopolies choking off the speech of ordinary Americans. Early in 2020, Heritage’s Robert Bluey attacked Tucker Carlson for criticizing the foundation’s perspective:

It should come as no surprise that Heritage supports empowering consumers rather than government to influence the private sector. We are, and have always been, champions of free enterprise and critics of government intervention.

Why not let platform owners choose what content they will and will not allow—and what their customers demand? Do Cleland and Carlson honestly believe government would do it better?

Conservatives have repeatedly shown they can outmaneuver the left on their own—without government intervention. Just as conservatives flourished on talk radio and cable TV when the government stopped enforcing the Fairness Doctrine in 1987, so too have conservatives on the internet. [Heritage]

It’s just that simple! Just outcompete Facebook, Google, and Amazon, and free speech and conservatism will flourish. It might even work, if “free-market” conservatives hadn’t allowed a few tech companies to grow so large they rival national governments in how much power they wield. But they did, so no solutions need to be sought. Heritage isn’t interested.

4. Heritage embraced the big lie about American racism.

Worst of all, after George Floyd’s death, when America was convulsed with riots and the left launched its most ambitious cultural offensive in decades, Heritage Foundation president Kay C. James was there to egg it on:

Racism in America is a fatal wound. Every time another incident occurs we put a Band-Aid on it, but the Band-Aid keeps falling off. Band-Aids are not enough to ever stitch this country back together. The arrest of fired Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on Friday on charges of manslaughter and third-degree murder is a welcome step, but it is just a Band-Aid.

Nothing can bring George Floyd back to life. But if his horrific and needless death proves to be a turning point to make Americans finally end the ugly racism that stains our nation’s history and afflicts us like a cancer of the soul, he will leave behind a legacy we sorely need. [Fox News]

James had many tears to shed for criminal and drug addict George Floyd, but none for Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse’s politically-motivated crucifixion has been studiously ignored by Heritage, as has that of former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe. James’s op-ed, like so much of what her organization fights for, was indistinguishable from what CNN would say, except that it is dressed up as being “pro-Trump.” That has been the Heritage Foundation’s modus operandi for the past four years: Staffing the Trump administration, and raising money off its close association with him, while doing nothing to understand or embrace his America First agenda. For Heritage, Trump is just a vehicle to advance the stale early 2000s conservatism that Americans emphatically reject.

5. Heritage has abandoned Trump and his voters after the 2020 election.

And now that Trump seems to be on his way out, they’re happy to abandon him. For years, Heritage has published content on voter fraud, and how common it actually is all over the country. That should make them a leading force in rejecting the flawed 2020 election results and calling for legislative intervention or other measures. But right now, with the presidential election being snatched away through blatant foul play, Heritage is nearly silent (except, of course, for its effort to fundraise off of the stolen election). A few tweets have popped out, and one fellow has written about preventing future election thefts, rather than combating the one happening right now. For Heritage, Donald Trump’s unpredictable realignment is an annoyance, and they’ll be happy to see him go. Soon, they can go back to openly pushing their agenda, rather than quietly undermining Trump’s.

The question, naturally, is what value the Heritage Foundation actually has. Supposedly, it is a venerable “conservative” institution. But this is a ruse. It distinguishes itself in Washington by combining bush-league credentials with an establishment aligned agenda. It is a fundraising engine that largely takes advantage of well-meaning patriotic donors who have little inkling of how spectacularly the foundation fails conservatives on foreign policy, on Big Tech, on riots, and now, on the greatest economic assault against the middle class ever mounted. After four years of Donald Trump, it wants nothing more than to spend the next eight as a safe, lucrative opposition group. Conservatives should reject it with their hearts, their minds, and their wallets. Friends do not let friends give one red cent to the Heritage Foundation.

It all comes into focus, doesn’t it?

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