The Liberal Ruining Newsmax

After the Fox election fiasco, many viewers switched to Newsmax. It has a reputation as staunchly conservative.

Then this happened. Mike Lindell was lambasted by former Fox news reporter Bob Sellers and former Fox anchor Heather Childers.

It was simply outrageous that a news anchor would walk off the set and be this antagonistic towards a guest. Many viewers were rightly shocked. Why did this happen?

Well, meet Gary Kanofsky, senior producer at Newsmax. Church Militant reports

Kanofsky was formerly chief content officer and executive vice president of news at RFD-TV. Before that, he was a senior producer at Al Jazeera America, known for its reportedly anti-American content. Al Jazeera is owned and funded by the government of Qatar, which has also funded the Islamic extremist group Muslim Brotherhood.

According to a description online, Kanofsky boasts of having “lifted editorial quality, production, on-air look, performances”; of being an “experienced negotiator with talent and vendors”; and of being a “congenial, inclusive manager.”

But insiders tell a different story, saying he creates drama and causes trouble behind the scenes among anchors, policing scripts, deleting content deemed too “controversial,” and nixing conservative guests who do not meet his approval.

Kanofsky reportedly holds sway with Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy, who allows Kanofsky free rein to determine the direction of content.

Ruddy himself has come under scrutiny, after reports show he donated $1 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Church Militant has confirmed that Gary Kanofsky, a senior producer at Newsmax, was behind the censoring of Mike Lindell Tuesday when he appeared as a guest with Bob Sellers, host of American Agenda, and Heather Childers. The segment did not go smoothly, with Sellers talking over Lindell and abruptly walking off the set when Lindell tried to discuss election fraud as the reason he was banned on Twitter.

This does not bode well for Newsmax.

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