2 Issues TN Must Address

Tomorrow Tennessee Governor Bill Lee makes his state of the state address.
Lee has been a pretty good governor, especially considering the lockdowns other states have suffered. There are two issues, however, that he and the legislature must tackle this session.

First is voter integrity. It does not appear that Tennessee uses Dominion voting machines, at least according to a list of counties here: https://sos-tn-gov-files.tnsosfiles.com/forms/Voting%20Systems%20by%20County.pdf. However, a good look at the ones we do use is merited, given the disasters so many states had in the 2020 election.

Second they must move to outlaw vote by mail. It is too open to fraud and it is not necessary. We have plenty of opportunities to vote – in fact, too many. Early voting is a joke. There is too broad a time span to ensure integrity. How and why is it that both parties know how many members voted? I don’t see that this information should be available. It helps the Democrats who round up anybody and everybody they can to vote. Only those who care about voting should do so. Whatever was wrong with the old absentee ballot?

Although Tennessee requires proof of identification, this must be tightened. Illegal aliens should be screened from voting. Voter rolls must be purged of dead people. The last time this was done in Shelby County, the Democrats ranted, screamed and yes, inevitably, the race card came up. What is wrong with getting dead people off the list? That is, unless you are using them nefariously.

Also, campaign finance must be addressed. Jeff Bezos and George Soros pour money into local campaigns. We see the damage Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook did in the 2020 election by donating millions for voter drop boxes in swing states. They were completely unmonitored, allowing fraudulent votes to be added to election rolls.
Hollywood people throw gobs of money into state races as they did in the Georgia Senate elections. Why should non residents be allowed to sway state elections? People who don’t live here should not be allowed to influence Tennesseans. Ted Noel at American Thinker has some ideas for a constitutional amendment. He uses the example of Florida.

He argues, “Why should Amazon, which is based in Seattle, have any voice in Florida elections? Jeff Bezos is as far from us as you can get in the lower 48. Why does Florida — or any state, for that matter — want to allow out-of-state businesses a voice in its internal affairs? Under Citizens United, businesses are allowed to finance political speech, but there’s no reason to allow that right to extend to electoral offices in a state that isn’t their home. There is a reasonable argument that they should be allowed to speak on issues that affect their business in Florida, but that’s different from supporting or opposing a candidate.

“One further restriction should be considered. If you are contributing to a candidate’s campaign, you are engaged in electoral politics. At a minimum, you ought to be registered to vote.

“Allow me to present a possible state constitutional amendment that incorporates these key principles.

Part 1: No candidate for elective office in Florida or political action committee supporting or opposing a candidate for public office in Florida shall accept any monies not originating from either a registered voter in Florida or business domiciled in Florida. Since electors for the president are candidates within Florida, presidential campaigns shall be subject to the same limitations. The penalty for violation shall be triple the funds accepted, and the candidate and campaign treasurer shall be personally responsible. With regard to presidential campaigns, the presidential candidate and campaign treasurer shall be responsible rather than the electors.

Part 2: Issue advertising shall be subject to the same restrictions, with the exception that businesses with a physical presence in Florida may participate in campaigns related to their business interests.”

It is in the interest of Republicans themselves to safeguard the vote. I was surprised in the 2020 election aftermath how few politicians understood the methods and laws about the voting machines they depended on for accuracy. Some didn’t know the basics. That is inexcusable.

For Republicans in Shelby County, the only elected official we can count on is Sen. Brian Kelsey and Sen. Paul Rose. Our House member and other senator have no interest in helping with this topic. Kelsey’s email and phone number is here: https://www.capitol.tn.gov/senate/members/s31.html and Rose is here: https://www.capitol.tn.gov/senate/members/s32.html

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