Absolute Proof

Mike Lindell’s excellent video on election fraud is hard to find since YouTube won’t have it, nor Twitter. Mainstream and cable news channels, except for OAN, are ignoring it.

Fortunately it can be seen on the web at his site, Michaeljlindell.com.

Lindell estimates that at least 22 million have seen it. He says the average amount of time people spend watching the two hour documentary is one hour and 53 minutes. Pretty good.

I have watched it and think it is a well done, well produced, well explained and factual show. That’s the reason why the media so desperately wants you not to see it. It is well worth the time investment.

Lindell is under a lot of pressure – emotionally and financially – to stop his examination of election fraud. That he has not caved says lots about the character of the man. It also validates the film.

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