Ignore It

I am not watching the impeachment farce. I, like most Americans, refuse to participate in it. According to Rasmussen polling, “only 15% of voters say they’ll watch the entire Senate impeachment trial on TV, and 21% expect to watch most of it. Thirty percent (30%) say they’ll watch some of Trump’s trial, but 32% won’t watch any of it.”

I agree with meaninginhistory’s translation: “My bet is that most of those 30% who say they’ll watch ‘some’ will end up not watching any of it. It’s like, Oh, yeah, I’ll watch some of it. Right. Moreover, if 56% really do want Trump convicted, I’d bet that there’d be more than 31% saying it was likely. So, I’m calling BS on the lefty polling. OTOH, when the easy pluralities are of people who don’t think Trump will be convicted and who likely won’t be watching–pluralities that exceed 60%, I’m betting that there are a lot of angry people out there.”

This impeachment is an even bigger farce than the last one and the attempted Russia hoax one. Americans understand it is unmerited and unproductive. The Democrats don’t. They are so blinded by their hatred and so consumed by power that they don’t see beyond the Potomac.

What will you miss if you don’t watch it? You’ll miss a good example of the extreme propaganda practiced by the Soviets and the Chinese. Inspired, in fact by them and possibly funded by the Chinese. They have infiltrated our government, universities and media to the point that you can assume most are paid by them. Note how quickly Biden wants to revive Confucius institutes in our universities.

You’ll miss a lot of ranting and raving by the Left. They love a stage and have mastered how to control your emotions. Except this is a train to nowhere. As Paul Sperry noted, “the goal of Pelosi/Schumer’s 2nd impeachment pantomime isn’t convicting Trump. They don’t have 67 votes. No,the goal is to shame, blackball & cancel 74 mil Trump voters by tarring them all as the hooligans who broke into their sacred Temple & suppressing the popular America 1st vote.”

They don’t have the votes, so this is all for nothing.

Here are some apt comments, “Like you, I’ve seen the criticisms of Trump’s lawyers. But the reality is, duh, this is about politics, not the law or the constitution. GOP senators understand polls better than you or I do–I guarantee you that. They will not commit political suicide just because some wise ass legal analyst says the Trump opening statements were unorganized.”

“The Trump lawyers could have recited nursery rhymes and it would have made no difference. Those senators minds snapped shut long ago.”

“At this point there is nothing that Schumer or any other Democrat politician could say…literally about anything…that I will listen to, let alone believe. Nothing. They have no credibility. Accordingly, I can think of no reason to watch this proceeding.”

I can’t argue with these sentiments.

Think back to last fall. We all watched the debates anxiously, then watched commentary about them, then listened to pundits rage on about them. We worried about polls that, clearly, were rigged to present election validation. We watched the numbers that were supposed to indicate how the election would turn out. Did any of this matter? No.

In the end, the whole thing was a big waste of time and anxiety because they had already determined how they would cheat.

Watching this impeachment circus will not accomplish anything either. Sadly, we already know most of the bad guys. We know who needs to be ousted next election, if cheating is controlled, that is.

Don’t waste your time agonizing over this.

Might I suggest a mindless Bravo show? One where you can watch the participants honestly bash each other. Or Dog TV. You’ll get more out of watching eight hours of dogs taking walks than anything going on in the Capitol for the next two weeks. Or the Game show channel where you can see celebrity participants you haven’t seen since 1977.

Anything rather than the sorry spectacle of a once proud nation where politicians’ own greed and lust for power has overtaken them. They’ll have plenty of time to do that in hell.

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