No More Moms and Dads

Remember how Hillary Clinton famously said it takes a village to raise a child? The implication behind it is that mom and dad are inadequate to rear children by themselves.  The village is just a euphemism for government or the state. Already, Michelle Obama has said parents don’t know how to feed their children and that the school cafeteria must take over this role.

The chipping away at the family continues. At Hillary Clinton’s State Department, passports now will eliminate the terms “mother” and “father.”

“The words in the old form were ‘mother’ and ‘father’,” said Brenda Sprague, deputy assistant secretary of state for passport services. “They are now parent 1 and parent 2. These improvements are being made to provide a gender neutral description of a child’s parents and in recognition of different types of families,” she continued. “We find that with changes in medical science and reproductive technology that we are confronting situations now that we would not have anticipated 10 or 15 years ago.”

Evidently the Family Equality Council has been lobbying for years for this change. FEC executive director Jennifer Chrisler said, “The government needs to recognize that the family structure is changing.”

Really? As far as I can tell it still takes a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg to bring about a baby. What dynamics have changed in that simple fact?

As Selwyn Duke at the American Thinker points out, “Family is the central building block of civilization and nations rise and fall with its fortunes.”

Preemptive strikes have already been made what with day care, pre-pre school, talk of children eating dinner at school and Michelle Obama’s obsession with controlling the family diet. Television glorifies non traditional families. Look among your friends and see how many children have grown up with their original mom and dad.

Churches in this country need to wake up and fight this battle effectively. What’s next? “Our Parent 1, who art in heaven?”

We are living in scary times.

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