2 Party System Has Switched

Like so much the shadowy cabal that runs this place has done over the last several years, this stunt just serves to undermine the system they operate. In a world where massive election irregularities are ignored and dismissed by the politicians, it is tough to take those same politicians seriously when they bang on about their democracy or imaginary threats to it. If they were really worried about their democracy, maybe they would do something about the voting system.

What this looks like is theater for the people inside the wire so they can be reminded there is a wire, and it must be maintained. The green zone they have erected for themselves is not simply an overreaction. It is a symbol of the spiritual and cultural divide between the people running this place and the rest of us. The hive minded have now created a physical manifestation of their world view. From now on, people inside will be made to show they are loyal to inside, not outside.

– The Zman blog

From now on our understanding is that the two political parties don’t work for most Americans. Instead of Republican and Democrat, we have elites and deplorables. Make no mistake, ordinary Democrats, you are deplorable to your Democrat machine. They require that you toe the line. You must concur with them on every issue. EVERY issue. Otherwise you are worthless to them.

They don’t even need you any more at the polls. They found out with the 2020 election that they can manipulate the vote even without voters. All it takes is a compliant voting system and the media. One will do the work for you while the other covers for it. As the Time magazine article gloatfest reports, they have figured this whole voting thing out. They have found the keys to the kingdom.

You Democrats are no better off than Republicans. We just understand now that most of our elected officials have placed themselves into the elite camp with elite Democrats. The walls and fencing in DC is not so much to keep us out – that was a pretty pathetic “riot” on January 6 and none of them was hurt – but to keep them insulated from smelly Walmart people who might just object when their liberties are taken away.

We are still two parties now, but they have different names. It’s the elites vs. the deplorables. They want all the power and want you to have none. They aren’t even covert about it now. They are in your face. Literally. Now they want us to wear two masks. That way they don’t have to see us or hear us. Could there be a better metaphor?

2020 was a year of everything coming into focus. We now see our surroundings clearly. We can see what has really happened to our country.
The blind ones are all in DC. They don’t see that there is a big country beyond the Potomac filled with increasingly angry people. Do they think they can get by with this for another generation?

Most of them should take a look back in history. Louis XVI and Versailles come to mind. The French nobility thought they were secure in their isolation. They weren’t. Their vision didn’t clear up until it was too late.

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